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 October Edition

This month we are beyond excited (see what we did there? :) to share our NEW 2017 Catalog featuring the latest in Transition® Technology and customized recycling programs. With Halloween just around the corner, spooky stories can keep you up at night ��.  But nothing can be scarier than knowing that your business is throwing away thosands of dollars, especailly if it is in recycable materials ��.  Need to get your boss on board with starting a recycling program? CleanRiver will help you plan your pitch with our latest blog.
When it comes to your recycling program, colors �� play a crucial role.  CEO Bruce Buchan offers his insight on the frequently asked questions around standardized colors for recycling in his lastest VLOG.

Introducing our NEW 2017 Catalog
  Creating less waste is our passion.
 Creating recycling programs that work is our purpose.

Is your compost cutlery compostable?  Make sure you have the facts about materials that your local processor will accept before your big event.

Without a good commercial recycling program in place, your firm could be throwing away thousands of dollars every year.  Pitch your boss on the importance of starting a program and the ways your company can benefit.

Ever wonder what color your recycling bins should be?
 CleanRiver CEO, Bruce Buchan answers the most commonly asked question when it comes to choosing colors for your recycling program.
Recycled News

It seems nearly impossible to escape plastic in our every day lives, doesn't it?  But where does all this plastic go?

A new study asks " how will climate change impact the number and arrangement of days that farm workers can actually do their jobs?

Win Your Bins
Congratulations to Sheena Porco from Magellan who entered our "Win Your Bins" Contest and won $5000 worth of Flex E bins for their facility.
You make Recycling look Good!!

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