Debanjana Bhattacharjee
In the Distance 2, Dec 2016
Acrylic on Canvas
20" x 20" 
Debanjana Bhattacharjee
Myrtle Beach, SC
Artist Website

Artist Statement: 
"My artwork is the outcome of my expression and emotion observed during the various facets of life.  This commenced from my vivid travel to diverse places and unearthing senses that touched me deeply.  Many images get etched up in my subconscious mind that beckons to be set free.  The intriguing field of colors serves as the perfect medium to unleash the deep thoughts.  The colors on my canvas capture a frozen glimpse of these moments as I ride the roller coaster journey of life.  

I enjoy Acrylic painting as it dries quickly and it satisfies the impulse to complete my vision.  

What inspires me could be just a moment or nature or color but the most is the endless sky. 

My pursuit to realize and share the eternal mix of colors continues while the swirling colors guide me to see deeper into my thoughts and emotions." 

Artist Biography:

Originally from Mumbai, India, Debanjana Bhattacharjee moved to Myrtle Beach, SC in August 2015 from Edinburg, Texas.  It was in Texas she found her artistic skills and started expressing through paintings and recently acquired sculptures.  She has exhibited her works in Texas; at a show by Mumbai Art by Artists in Prince of Wales Museum, Mumbai, India; Latino Art Museum, CA; Frida Fest in SFO, CA; travelling exhibition to Mexico and USA by NFIA; Barcelona, Spain. She was the featured artist at Jardin Del Arte June 2015, organized by the City of Edinburg, Texas.