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Fist Bump 
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Fist Bump to Schusterman Foundation, Ungerleider Family Foundation and PELIE who contributed to the Teacher's Tool-Kit in 2010. It's paying BIG dividends in 2011!
It's an honor to be mentioned among the incredible organizations on this years SLINGSHOT 50 List!

slingshot guide icon 11' - 12'
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Tour highlights, Studio antics, Moses, Bach. This VIDEO has it all!
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Tool Kit Training and Performance Schedule
Oct. 29:
New Rochelle, NY
Oct. 30: Hartford, CT (Teacher Training)
Nov. 1: Digital Tool Kit Training.  Sign up here.
Nov. 3-7: England
Limmud Cambridge
Dec 1-2 Baltimore, MD
Dec 2-4 Moishe House Community Learning Retreat
Dec 10: Taste of Limmud Philly
Dec 12-13: Detroit, MI
Dec 14-15: Pittsburgh, PA
Dec 16-17: Cleveland, OH
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Bible Raps

Scenes from the road.
Tool Kit Teacher Training at Moreh L'Morim
Tool Kit Training at Moreh L'Morim Conference at Siegal College