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July 27, 2017

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Dust Palliative Application on Bice Rd
Continues Today
Dear Neighbors

BCCA (Beaver Creek Community Association) was expecting the dust treatment and grading on Bice Rd, but thought that we'd have a heads up warning.  Oh well,  it's a good thing and we have been asking the county for improvements. Beaver Creek Transit drove back & forth on the road twice yesterday.  With a little patience, no problem.

Yavapai County Public Works estimates that the project would require two days for grading and application.  The palliative is a liquid co-polymer that smells like Elmer's glue.  We hope that it will be effective and appreciate the efforts extended on making a change to benefit the health of residents in Beaver Creek.

Hoping for less dust!!
. . . . . . the calendar crew

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