July 15, 2015

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Big Bite Introduces 3 New Baits at ICAST


Big Bite Baits is introducing 3 new baits at ICAST this year 2 in the bass lure category and one in the crappie category of baits. These baits will soon hit retailers shelfs in your area so keep on the look out. 





Big Bite Baits is proud to announce that the first signature bait from its newest Big Bite Pro Staff member Mike McClelland is going to be released and called the Battle Bug.


The Battle Bug is 4" in length, comes with a segmented body shape with legs, craws, and antenna appendages.  The craws are made to have a natural craw movement and action in the water giving the Battle Bug a true crawfish looking presentation.


The Battle Bug can be Texas rigged on a worm hook, or can be rigged onto a heavy cover hook to be used in a flipping or pitching presentation. The Battle Bug can also be used, and rigged as a jig trailer as well with its true crawfish action.


The Battle Bug will be offered in 10 of Big Bites top fish catching colors and come 7 to a pack. 
Swimming Mama

Big Bite is announcing that it is adding a new bait to its already top creature bait line up, this new bait is called Swimming Mama.


The Swimming Mama is 4" in length and has the same body shape of Big Bites popular YoMama bait.  The Swimming Mama has added craw appendages, and a twin curl tail that gives this bait all its fish catching vibration and action.


Fished Texas rigged on a worm hook, or heavy cover hook the Swimming Mama will make a great choice either fished on the weedline, or pitched into heavy cover to entice a big bite. The Swimming Mama will also be an excellent bait choice to use as a jig trailer option with its twin tail, kicking and swimming action.


The Swimming Mama comes in 9 of Big Bites top fish catching colors, and will come 8 to a pack.


Swimming Crappie Minnr

The Swimming Crappie Minnr is a new action packed crappie swimbait. It features a small paddle tail and segmented body to provide maximum action when retrieved. Simply rig the Swimming Crappie Minnr on a jighead and it will swim with the slightest of movement in the water. The Swimming Crappie Minnr is 2" long and is available in 18 of Big Bites top crappie catching colors and come 10 baits to a pack.



To see all the Big Bite Bait options and top fish catching Big Bite colors please log onto   





Photo Courtesy of BASS
Rojas Leads Elites AOY Heading Into 2nd Half 
Big Bite Pro Dean Rojas leads the Elite tour Angler Of The Year points race heading into the second half of the season. Dean has had 3 Top 12 finishes and has finished no lower than 19th this season so far. 
Best of luck Dean!!!