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April 26, 2012



ChangeOne thing you can count on in the online world of genealogy is change!


One of those changes happened just yesterday. announced it's acquisition of  Read all about here.


One thing I can assure you that won't change is my dedication to bring you the best genealogy gems that help you make the most of your precious research time.


The newest episode of The Genealogy Gems Podcast is a perfect example.
The Gems include:

  • How to document unproven people in your database
  • Old books and the copyright know-how you need to work with them
  • An in depth look at the Defective, Dependent, and Delinquent Special Census of 1880 (including a free pdf download!) 
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"I had the privilege of attending classes of Lisa Louise Cooke of . I have wanted to meet her face to face for years now, and I can finally say, I met Lisa face to face and visited with her. She is a lovely lady and so kind to all those at the Expo. 


I am also the proud owner of her book, How to Find Your Family History in Newspapers. It has great pointers. I had used the Chronicling of America site before, but she took it to a new dimension for me."



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Order the pdf ebook here or any other title at my store and save 16% with the coupon code EARTH through tomorrow April 27, 2012. (Good news: Lulu no longer requires you to register to shop!)


By now you've heard me talk on the show or in my classes about having a PICNIC when it comes to doing genealogical research on the computer.  We all have them.  In fact, they've been around for much longer than you might think!
Helpdesk eng sub.
Click to watch an early example of a PICNIC
Problem IChair, Not IComputer

From the Mailbox


"I wanted to drop you a note to express my deepest thanks for all of the work that you put into the podcast.  I'm just shy of 30 years old and I've been working on my family tree since I was about 15, but even after all of that work, I'm still learning something new every day!"


This was how Ashley's recent email began. But soon she was sharing a problem that many genealogists face.  Dealing with data she had collected early on in her family history research:


"I based almost my entire tree on that (data).  Then I made things worse by accepting any family trees on as fact, adding names, dates and information willy nilly from people who may or may not have been related to me.  It wasn't until I realized that one branch of my tree had "traced" itself back to Julius Caesar (who was his own grandfather, according to the tree) that I went, "... wait a minute!"

I'm starting the process of creating a new, sourced, accurate tree.  Its probably going to take me just as long to fill out the branches, but it will be worth it in the end.  And I have you, and the fantastic resources you bring to the podcast, to thank!"





New Premium Episode:


Premium_NEWNew Genealogy Gems Premium Episode #87

Back by Popular Demand!

I've got another round of Quick Gems for you in the latest episode:


- Tweaking Tweets to get Gems from Twitter
  (even if you're not a Twitter user!)

- Tips for Using One of My Favorite iGoogle

- Who's Peeking at You?



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