After attending the recent 2016 Illinois Computing Educators (ICE) Conference, it is clear that big data in education is here to stay. “Big Data” is often used to describe extremely large, complex data sets that require computer analysis. Imagine your K-12 district and the amount of data generated, without the proper tools it is likely you are just beginning to scratch the surface of your data. Big data has found a home in education because it allows you to conduct more robust analyses, generate powerful insights, and utilize that new information to make more informed decisions.
  Partners4Results School District Management System
Securely Capture, Manage, and Analyze Your Data
We call our platform a  school district information management system because it manages district-wide information to bridge the  gap between data and action from the district level to the student level and everywhere in between.  Our platform addresses what students need to know, when they will learn it, and which areas of the curriculum have been mastered. 

The Partners4Results (P4R) platform integrates with your existing student information system and is fully customizable at no additional charge. The  modular design of our platform means it can be implemented at any scale and tailored to your needs and goals.  
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Through the collaboration with teachers and administrators, P4R has set out to give you the tools to better tailor instruction for your students and to facilitate more data-driven decisions. 

At the center of our system is a data warehouse that works with our innovative, integrated library of modules for:

  • Standards Management
  • Assessment
  • Data Analysis
  • Response to Intervention (RTI)
  • Student Dashboard
  • Physical Education
  • Any Many More...
Spotlight:  Assessment Module

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Traditional multiple-choice assessments struggle to meet the needs of new national assessments addressing higher order thinking skills and more importantly struggle to meet the learning needs of students. Partners4Results has been working to understand this dilemma and through collaboration with our education partners, we developed our Custom Bubble Sheets.

Our platform allows teachers to have a single point of entry as they create, administer, and collect assessments with a variety of question types, which include multiple choice, open response, rubrics, as well as many other custom response questions. Assessments can be taken either with paper and pencil or online. 

Just Released: Student Learning Objectives (SLO) Module
Our Student Learning Objectives (SLO) Module supports various methodologies to measure student growth such as Half-the Distance Growth Target and Tiered Growth Target models. We support multiple models within a single district. Either use one of our existing models or let us know how you are planning to determine student growth.
I would greatly appreciate the opportunity to meet with you to discuss your goals and objectives and how our platform can be a very cost effective solution. Simply reply to this email with a date and time you are available and we will take care of setting up a web meeting and demo.
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Jim Serpe 
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