Four Days in Santa Barbara Setting up the Banners of Truth
          Great crowds on the Santa Barbara City College campus

On my bucket list in life was the desire to be immortalized as a cartoon character at some point. Well, check that one off my list.

The Santa Barbara City College newspaper wrote a hit-piece editorial about our presence on their campus that was typical of a liberal newspaper. I didn't appreciate the belly part of my silhouette, but more so the fact that I do not point my finger at students nor yell.  But the newspaper never intended to be respectful with their lead-in cartoon before the article.  I put the editorial in my upcoming webpage along with my response to their article.

This was more of my posture during great dialogues with students on both the U.C. Santa Barbara and City College campuses.

Four days of nonstop exchanges with a variety of students and faculty.

We gave out more than three thousand Truth brochures.

Mary Rose Short joined us all week while taking a break from helping her mom, Katie Short, who is a great attorney with Life Legal.  Life Legal is our trusted law firm and is also the team protecting the people behind the Planned Parenthood videos.  Planned Parenthood has thrown all their resources (our tax dollars) at the producers of the revealing videos to try to crush them.   Pray for God's protection for these great warriors. 
The newest undercover video, I believe, is the most dramatic video of them all. It's the description from the abortion provider's perspective on how to deal with what they do in the abortion center.   You will be shocked by the words and laughter in this five-minute excerpt.  Just shocking photos.                           

This is what it looked like much of the final two days at the City College.  I'm able to capture these good photos while recording my conversations with the crowds using my GoPro camera. We prefer one-on-one, but many students listen in on a dialogue. You can see a student recording our exchange.  Others tell us that the social media explodes with photos and discussions on the internet, especially Facebook, while we are at a school. Some complain that they cannot go online without seeing our victims of injustice display.

I had a great dialogue with this philosophy professor, who came out to ask a lot of questions.

He started out a little testy, but eventually found our exchange respectful and shook hands with me at the end.  

He did not challenge my belief that the most compelling evidence for the existence of God is the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ

Many bikes, skateboards, and a great view of the Pacific Ocean made for an interesting labor in a field of worldly students with minds set on the flesh rather than the Spirit.

We still find that about one-fourth of students have never seen an abortion photo.
James Conrad has joined us twice now and is considering establishing a strong outreach like Project Truth in the Southern California region.

James also believes the Gospel is a crucial ingredient for this ministry.

"But sanctify the Lord God in your hearts, and always be ready to give a defense to everyone who asks you a reason for the hope that is in you..."
                                                            I Peter 3:15

There are many students who want to talk to us and are searching for answers.

We seek them out with our display and passion for truth.

Remember, "You can't have an impact without a collision."

This Muslim student spit at me and shouted something in Arabic.  We sent the recording to a missionary in the Middle East for an interpretation.  He texted us back with the the context: "Allah is greater than &^%****  %$%^^&##%**@#$%... and something about my mom that was not good.
I don't know on which side of the scale his fake god will place those evil words during his judgment day. 

I did not return evil for evil. You can watch him curse me on this short one minute clip. If you know Arabic...a warning of foul language. Also in the video, you can see a student walk by accusing us of racism, because our brochure compares abortion to the holocaust and slavery. Confused and lost young people:

Jarod, a great new addition to our team from Fresno, attempted to engage some protesters at U.C.S.B.  Some would listen, but others would resort to some crazy soundbites and rhetoric that baffles the mind.

Here is what we had to address throughout the day. We find these phrases a common train wreck of thoughts on many educational institutions of "Higher Learning" across the state:

"That thing inside a woman's body is not alive."

"The baby inside doesn't have a heartbeat or brainwaves until several months into the pregnancy."

"That thing inside me is just a clump of cells."

"You can't have religious materials on our campus."

"This is a liberal campus...what are you doing here." (My personal favorite)

"When I'm having an abortion, I'm aborting my body."
Alexander dressed up for this day and effectively explains the sound and logical reasons for accepting the humanity of the baby growing inside the womb.

Many students were respectful in debate and the campus police officer told me that he was called into the administrator's office because of complaints towards our team.  He told the administrators that the complaints were false because he had been observing us for two days and we were respectful and reasonable with the students.
Nicole explains her personal story with students and has an impact on those who listen. 

Please pray for Nicole and her son, who is in the hospital with health problems.  

Nicole is growing with her experiences on our team.

Some students can really relate to another woman, but others feel like pro-life women betray their cause.  

But in Christ we are all one with the righteous cause of "speaking up for those who cannot speak for themselves."

Bud and James witness to UCSB students who had questions, yet struggle with logic and reason over feelings and emotions.

We like to plant seeds and put pebbles in their shoes that will bring them to repentance and forgiveness in time.  

Many college instructors try hard to lead these young people away from the truth and absolutes. 

                                             A most effective ministry

Some students thanked us for braving the liberal environment and the jeering. 

These two Christian girls asked our senior member for a selfie.

One student told the students opposing us that she read our brochure in the library and became pro-life. She came out to the display to ask the opponents of our ministry to let other students decide for themselves. 

A special recognition and prayer goes out to these two brave students who stood up to their classmates and challenged them about abortion and Christ.

The woman student pictured took on her whole class that day concerning the abortion-on-demand crowd.  

They both were compelled to join us part of the day and be counted for the cause of the Kingdom.

Another student heard about us through the campus buzzing with conversations about "those Project Truth people" and got off her bike and handed out our literature for awhile. 

Many students were energized about standing up to the evil on their campus. 
The Fall Tour is almost finished and the results are in:  Christ is being lifted up at the government schools when Project Truth is in the house.

On to Butte College this week. 

In the next newsletter I will launch my webpage.

                                  Thank you for standing with me.



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