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Fall Tour Continues

Another first for my ministry; Don the Baptist meets John the Baptist on the Diablo College campus.  Well not exactly, but he was an interesting character.

We spent two days on the Skyline College campus near San Francisco.

Students were ready and willing to engage us in between classes.  

Several students thanked us for standing for the truth on their campus.
I had some time to explain the Gospel to some Watchtower folks who had set up their false information on the campus.

Some time ago, a friend recorded my witness to the "witnesses" at another college.  I've included it in my newsletter.  I can't believe it has over 17,000 views.
                   Sharing the Gospel with those who preach another gospel.

At Diablo College Ed and Dennis explain to a crowd of students the merits of reason and logic over emotions.

Someone put a blown-up condom on our sign until we figured out what it was. 

We prefer 
one-on-one conversations. 

A mother-daughter team, Shannon and Eleyanna have joined our team and have stood with us among the two most spirited colleges, Diablo and Sac City.  They have both handled themselves with grace and boldness.

Eleyana is a little perplexed that the poster ignores her existence. It appears that pro-abortion activists don't live in the real world.  I often remind them that nine old men legalized abortion-on-demand in 1973.  The sign didn't seem to bother Eleyana or Ed, who is in the background sharing the truth with one of several students that didn't mind a fatherly figure.
Dr. Tom and I had our hands full throughout the two days at Diablo.  

Most students were respectful, and had never heard the pro-life message articulated clearly. They were also challenged with the Gospel as being the only worldview that makes sense.

One student told me that I was crazy to think that a 15-year-old girl should be having a baby. At that moment another student walking by, stopped and said, "I was 15 when I got pregnant and had the baby.  It was the best decision I ever made."

The critical student didn't know what to say and I didn't have to say anything except thank you to the passing young lady.

We just returned from the College of the Desert near Palm Springs. Although it was a hot 107 degrees, students met us at our display. Many expressed that they had never seen a photo of an abortion.  James Conrad, on the right, is planning on starting a ministry like Project Truth in Southern California where there are 50 colleges ready for the truth.

A little unusual throughout the two days at Diablo College were the occasional students who would stop and take on their classmates for trying to defend abortion.  This lady spent most of the day at our display, telling her story of losing two preborn children and her agony over the loss of children, no matter what age in their developing life.  Other students listened to her and we praise the Lord for those powerful moments among a difficult cauldron of students.

Just after I took this photo, a student walked up to Bud and got close to his face. She interrupted the conversation and said, " It was someone like you who told me not to abort my baby and I listened to him.  I now have the greatest little girl waiting for me at home. Thank you for what you are doing on our campus today"...then she walked away. 

The guy with the "propaganda" sign didn't look so smart after that.

Can't beat those "in the moment" testimonies.

Bernard explains the Gospel and its life-changing impact.

Students don't see anything wrong with abortion if they have a worldview built on humanism.  

This pro-life message is a great springboard into the difference between being a Goo-man or a God-produced man.  

Many students have thanked us for giving them the truth; more than usual on this tour.
Our continuing schedule includes more tough schools. Please pray that we continue to see great results as God goes before us into the battle.

Sac City College
Solano College
Skyline College
Diablo College
College of the Desert

Oct 12-15 UC Santa Barbara and Santa Barbara City College

Oct 19-20 Cal State Hayward

Oct 26-27 Laney College Oakland

Nov 2-3 Butte College 

                                       Thank you for standing with me.



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