The preparations of the heart belong to man, but the answer of the tongue is from the Lord...A man's heart plans his way, but the Lord directs his steps.       Proverbs 16

Project Truth enters Satan's strongholds each week and we watch the Lord work among the lost...from engaging avowed Satan worshipers at Delta College and Sac City College to seeing local Christians join our efforts at Cabrillo College.  It is my privilege to be a part of a band of followers of Jesus Christ...following Christ's example walking into the crowds with the Light. 

We were met by these signs at the Santa Cruz campus, but some students did not want to practice school policy and called the police in an attempt to have our team removed from the campus. 

But it didn't work.

I was tempted to pencil in our name in the space below.

One would think that this faculty member was praising the Lord and encouraging her students to do the same, except she was trying to provoke the students into a spirit of hate towards us.  The two students below weren't pointing towards the Cross for repentance, but were pointing at our display, angry at our presentation.  

The teacher was from the "Office of Equity" on campus.  That is the office responsible for "managing and directing diversity and inclusion at the school." She assured the students that when the police would arrive we would be escorted off the grounds.

You can't make this stuff up.

Carole and Beth tried to listen and reason with them, placing pebbles of love and truth in their shoes.

In the middle of the "welcome to our school" assaults, our team honored the Lord so well that some students quietly approached us to thank us for showing Christ-like attitudes and being examples to the student body.  Some students apologized for their angry friends. 

This student, above, in the tie-dyed shirt saw us among the hostile students and began to challenge his classmates with loving truth and an effectiveness that had our team praising the Lord.  

He was a Godsend and you must watch this short video clip of his challenge to a fellow student who sarcastically approaches him. His name is John and he stood with us most of the two days while on the Santa Cruz campus.

Thank you Lord for sending John at the right moment to encourage us and shine among his peers with a boldness that can only come from You.
                 Surfer dude student makes us proud at Cabrillo College.
                             Click on the 4-minute video please

At the "pro-choice" table set up across from our display a Physics professor was telling students that our photos and information were false and inaccurate. After approaching him and introducing myself, I challenged him to show proof of his claims.  Surprisingly he backed down somewhat and admitted he could be wrong.  

I was shocked and think I witnessed a miracle!

He agreed to do more research.  Wow!

Pray for Prof. Paul.  He has agreed to meet me for lunch in a few weeks and have a conversation on the merits of our information.  Pray for his conversion to the truth.
I think Beth was wondering how one minute she is sitting among women at Bible Study Fellowship and now she is among wolves in need of the light.

Her training pays off when she "goes into the world" to offer the hope she is trained in for battle.

All day long for two days we worked among the fields  "white unto harvest" in Santa Cruz, watching God change hearts and lives.  The student in the gray sweatshirt changed from antagonistic to coming back at the end of the day to share some personal things with me and opening up her heart to the truth.

That's only a God thing!
The  Delta College visit was another great outreach.  We handed out 3,000 brochures and had many divine appointments.

As soon as we arrived our team got right to the message.  Diane and Carole, below, began building a bridge with students to prepare them for the Gospel. (Did you get "the bridge" thing?)

Bud figured out that we had set up our display right in the spot where each day the homosexuals and witches usually meet for lunch.  So he gets threatened by the student in black.  Eventually she calms down and the witnessing began. However, a self-proclaimed witch takes one of our New Testaments and begins tearing out the pages.   She then starts eating the pages .  The photos below are taken as she starts to rip out the pages. 

I've included a short video clip of our conversation after I asked her why she ripped up the Bible. 
           Planting seeds of truth and light into the darkness of a Satanist.

This is a terrible reminder of what can be outside our church doors.  My pastor Mark Maffucci came by to check on our ministry and saw these two pages ripped from the Bible.  He went over and picked them up, troubled by the hatred for God within walking distance of our church facilities.

We reach out to the students and plant the Gospel in their lives for the day when they will respond to the calling of the Holy Spirit for repentance.

Caroline, above, and Bernard, on his knees, are very compassionate as they plead with students to take hold of the Way of the Master.
Cheryl offered this student a brochure and the woman said she wasn't interested in talking to her.

But something happened as Cheryl offered love and compassion and truth.

The Holy Spirit broke her hardened heart and Cheryl ministered to her and was ending with a prayer.  

All of a sudden this woman reached over and wept as she hugged Cheryl during the prayer and a
Woman at the Well was offered hope from the Healer.

One of our team members captured the moment and gave us a reminder why we are called to be "vessels for noble purposes."


As Doug listens to a "Black Lives Matter" advocate, he can't stop thinking about an earlier encounter when a student walked up to him and gave him a hug.

She told Doug that two years ago when our Project Truth Team set up on the campus, she was walking by, saw the photos, and
canceled her abortion appointment. She hugged Doug and thanked him for her precious little girl and for our team boldly standing for what is right.

Praise the Lord from whom ALL blessings flow...

Our Prayer Warriors are crucial to the successes of Project Truth.  Often some of you send me little notes of encouragement.  Here is a recent one.

Thank you.

The 2017 Fall Schedule:

August 28-29  
Delta College
Sept. 5-6  
Cabrillo College
Sept. 11-12 
Sacramento City College

Sept. 18-22  Hancock College, Cuesta College, and Cal PolySLO
Oct. 2-5 Utah - Weber State and Salt Lake Community College
Oct. 16-17 Shasta College
Oct. 23-26 U.N.R. Nevada and Truckee College

        It was great to have some new "youngins" standing with us "oldies."
      Thank you for standing with me.

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