As the World gets Darker We Must Shine Brighter

Jesus said, "I am the Light of the world. He who follows Me shall not walk in darkness, but shall have the light of life." 
Recently the
Stockton Pregnancy Control Center(that's its name) put up these fences to deter our efforts.

I'm glad this fence was not there over twenty-five years ago when a young couple drove into the parking lot and listened as I pleaded for their baby's life.

The scared sixteen-year-old girl and her boyfriend changed their minds and decided to go home and face angry parents.  

That evening I received a call from the girl's dad.

He asked me if I was the man outside the abortion center that talked to his daughter, Angie.

I told him yes.

He then said, "Thank you for saving my grandchild.  We did not want our daughter to have an abortion."

This is that precious little baby girl, Donya, born to a loving family and a new Uncle Don.  
For this Christmas season newsletter, I'd like you to meet baby Donya all grown up.

Yes, she is also now a loving mother and wife, with two gifts from God.  Donya was also the valedictorian of her high school.

The Lord put us together after all these years when Donya's mom, Angie, came up to me at our church and said, "Do you remember me?  The last time you saw me I was a sixteen-year-old pregnant girl. Now I'm a grandma."

We set a date to meet over breakfast. 

It was one of the most surreal memories of my life.

I have this photo on my desk in my war room, inspiring me to keep up the fight for the innocent.
        2016 will be a great year to stand for the Truth. 
But first we celebrate the birth of the innocent, and especially our Savior, Jesus Christ.

                                  Thank you for standing with me.



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