Big Impact from the Spring Tour 2015

Our great Spring Tour took us to the People's Republic of U.C. Davis. Several good warriors joined us for this intense campus experience.  We gathered around the display wagon, prayed, and prepared to engage the brainiacs walking through the quad. 

This talented student spent several hours screaming at us and then returned to do a long hula hoop dance.

Other students spread red and pink balloons around our display to "distract" others from viewing our display.  

"But as for you, you meant evil against me; but God meant it for good, in order to bring it about as it is this day, to save many people alive." Genesis 50:20 

These odd signs were meant to do harm to our message, but only made the distinction between the light and dark.

Several groups of high school students were passing through the college campus and were drawn to our display by the distractions.  See the students holding and reading our great brochure?

Our team got right to work, presenting the truth.

The man in the background witnessing to the balloon-carrying students is one of our best friends and advocates for the pre-born.

John Stoos is pastor of Church of the King in Sacramento.
John and his church have been standing with us for thirty years and is a great abolitionist witness in the Northern California area.
And that is his daughter, Annie, front right, who has also been an advocate for the innocent babies.
We have some dedicated warriors.







Rod travels all the way from San Jose to team up with us and be a great witness for Jesus Christ.




Hannah is a very effective member of Project Truth.


U.C Davis students were impressed with her practical and logical presentation.


Hannah told me that she decided to use her strong-willed spirit for the cause of the Kingdom and has become a "rebel with a righteous cause."    



After leaving the college each day, we leafleted the local high schools, as we usually do. 


Alexander points out the very appropriate and real mascot for this part of the state. 


I actually got to dialogue with a Satan-worshiper student later.


No surprises here. 




A Faculty Pow-Wow was called to figure out ways to stop us.  They tried searing looks and not smiling at us.


"If looks could kill."  





It can be a little intimidating to challenge students at a college where their IQs are twice as high as mine.


Even though I married a valedictorian 37 years ago today, it doesn't impress the college culture.


But our team has found that knowledge does not equal wisdom and truth.


It is so true that "the fear of God is the beginning of wisdom."


We receive many confirmations of our effectiveness among the students.


Here are some samples of real statements we hear from week to week:


*"You people don't talk like some of the Christians on this seem reasonable and are making sense."


*"I read your brochure last hour and realized that the abortion people have lied to guys are right."


*"I always wondered why Jesus died on the are the first person to explain it to me clearly."


* "I always thought you anti-choice people were crazy...I'm glad I came over and talked to guys are reasonable and respectful, even though I don't like the photos."


*"You have changed my mind with these disturbing images...I'm going to tell my boyfriend that I am not going to kill my baby."


*"Don't stop doing what you are doing...I'm alive today because of your ministry."     

Project Truth also ventured into the hostile territory of the beautiful campus West Valley College in the South Bay near San Jose. 


We were joined by the Survivors team from Southern California.  So we prayed that double-teamed college students would not be a match for the strong presence of determined abolitionists. 

Didn't take long for our message to stir the campus.
Some students missed their classes to debate and dialogue with us throughout the two days we confronted the apathy on this campus. 
Many students listened and were changed by our presentation of the truth.   

Many students have not engaged Christians or our worldview in their daily routine.  Our ideas are a surprise to the uninformed.


"Can't have an impact without a collision"

Most troubling are some well-meaning "Christian" students whose misguided feelings lead them to counter us with signs like the one being held by this student.


As Bud and I reasoned with them, two things became apparent from our questions:  One is that they do not read God's Word, and the other is that they did not know the Gospel.  


This is a common pattern on campuses where some students think they speak for God, but can not support their ideas with Scripture.


Instead many students have created an incomplete Jesus to give them license to avoid the straight and narrow path of God's commandments. 


Such was the case for these two students living in an imaginary understanding of Jesus. 

We did have a good conversation with them and showed them the real Jesus and called them to repentance and right living before the God of Scripture.


The seeds of truth were planted.


When I open the Word, I see the Jesus and disciples of the Word out there among the multitudes, taking on the culture with a variety of methods to reach the lost. 


Their effectiveness came from the Holy Spirit using vessels "going into all the world." 


                                  "If we don't will they know?"  Romans 10:14-15


In His Steps,



                                     Thank you for standing with me.



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