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May 2015


          Chosen People.....Living Sacrifices......Living Stones.....               Aroma of Christ..... Sons of Light...... Ministers of the New                                          Covenant.....Followers of the Way......Sons of the Day......              Lights in the World.....Doers of the Word......Salt of the Earth.....

          Good Farmers.....


                                           Vessels for Noble Purposes.  


These are the descriptions God uses to identify the children of God throughout the Scriptures.  We have a calling and titles that should inspire us to walk worthy of our purpose on earth.


The Word shouts out we are "vessels for noble purposes!"  

Hannah in red, Bernard and Alexander in white, wasting no time being the "aroma of Christ" on the Las Positas College campus in Livermore. 





Young Caleb finds where the fish are swimming on the Antelope College campus in Lancaster so he can be a "follower of the Way."  





Larry and I set up near our display so we can be "sons of light."


We respectfully "tear down their strongholds" of emotional excuses with truth and logic.  


The photos on our panels are beacons of reality which call the students to repentance.   

While many of these students were angry at us, they listened to our message.  
Retired Doctor Tom Bielejeski expounds on the truth of life in the womb and the student thanked him for giving her an understanding she had not known before, while John puts several pebbles of truth in the other student's shoes for the rest of her day because he is a "living stone." 

The president of "The Way and Truth" Christian club told us he saw our team witness and pray for more students in two days than his club has done in a semester.


John and Bernard met with the club to challenge them out of their complacency and become "doers of the Word."

You may wonder how I get many of our pictures for the newsletters.  It's not always easy, but I have a GoPro on my chest and keep it filming much of the time. Then I clip pictures from the videos, like this picture of students reading our brochures in the campus cafeteria.  There are four of us on the team who are able to get quick snapshots in between our conversations during the time on the campuses.  

It's not always easy to listen to students or staff explaining their rationale for support of this terrible crime against humanity. 


Their ideas are not based in truth and logic.  Emotions are their gauge for what seems to be right or wrong.


We are "ambassadors" for the truth and must declare it in the marketplaces.



 Matt positions himself like an effective "messenger" to change the face of eternity. 
Hannah does quite well answering the police when they are called to a "disturbance" at the college.  These officers were professional and quickly left after realizing they were called under false pretenses.  We are a "chosen people." 



In our display wagon are many tools for teaching.  Diana gives a student 

precious 10-week baby's feet to wear and materials to bolster our message because we are "epistles written on men's hearts."



 Mar 2-3 Cosumnes College

Mar 9-10 Sierra College

Mar 16-17 UC Davis

Mar 24-25 Alameda College

Mar 30-31 Shasta College

April 13-14 Antelope College

April 20-21 Las Positas College

April 27-28  West Valley College   

May 4-5-6-7 Oregon colleges 






Having a great impact on college students. Three more colleges for the Spring Tour. 


We are the "salt of the earth."








My son has returned safely to his family after almost a year in the war zone.  I am forever praising the Lord for the prayer support that brought back his whole platoon with only one injured soldier.   


                              Thank you for standing with me and my son.



I am Don Blythe of At the Well Ministries. This ministry of 30 years uses the abortion issue as a springboard for sharing the Gospel.


My mission field comprises three main areas of outreach: the abortion mills, high schools, and college campuses.


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I do not use the content of the letters to talk about financial support, and for 31 years the Lord has supplied my needs through the prayers and financial support of a small number of churches and individuals who believe in what I do and have seen the fruit of this labor.


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