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March, 2013
In This Issue

2013 promises to be an extremely exciting year at Big Twin. We have made some big changes around here and there are some great new products coming our way. Read on to find out.
March 30  - 3rd Annual Big Twin Brain Builder Seminar Event

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Big Twin Welcomes 2 NEW Brands to Our Showroom
 ural logo     
ural closeup 
There are at least a couple of stories about how the designs and blueprints for the original Ural sidecars were spirited away from the German war machine and into the hands of the Russians. The common story about a captured BMW R71 being the basis for the Ural unit has been supplanted by a tale of a technology exchange resulting from the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact where-in the blueprints for the R71 were "gifted' to the Russians by the Germans.
Romance and intrigue aside, until a few years ago Ural sidecar rigs were examples of what happens when you build the same basic bike for 70 years, only making changes where absolutely necessary. The recent Urals benefit greatly from a push to source components from high end mainstream vendors such as Brembo, Herzog, Keihin, Denso, Sachs, Marzocchi, Ducati Energia and SKF. Keeping the same basic motorcycle with component upgrades that make the bike much more mechanically reliable is a formula for a vehicle with an extremely high cool factor. Even though many people are enamored with Urals because they put the fun in funky, the very robust construction and driven sidecar wheel make these bikes ideal adventure machines for exploring Idaho terrain when you want to carry a few extra items or if you like the security of an extra support point. The fact that there have been over 3 million Urals built attests to the utilitarian value of this machine.
Here's a great article on the Urals:
and the Ural website:
husqvarna logo


Husqvarna once was the king of the hill when it came to doing it in the dirt. Over the past couple of decades mergers and acquisitions took their toll on the brand. But rather than fade into oblivion like so many other venerable European marques the combination of occasionally great bikes and supremely loyal fans kept Husky going during the Japanese invasion. With the purchase of Husqvarna in 2008 by BMW Husky got an infusion of design expertise and cash that provided a great boost to the product line. Then came the recession and BMW redirected some of the funds that could have propelled Husqvarna to the head of the class. With new leadership at BMW Motorrad and BMW AG. ther has been a refocus of priorities and Husqvarna has been sold to none other than Stefan Pierer, CEO of KTM. Although specific detail regarding the strategy behind Mr. Pierer's purchase have been vague it could be speculated that he sees opportunity to further undermine the Japanese hold on the dirt segment with more great European bikes. It is certain that if he can do for Husqvarna what he did for KTM we will soon have a world beating product.  
The New Husqvarna Terra and Strada motorcycles are definately a shot across the bow of the venerable Kawasaki KLR. Built around a performance tuned BMW 650 single engine that out powers the BMW by 7 or 8 ponies and sports upside down forks and other suspension upgrades, these adept dual purpose bikes offer a connucopia of cool parts and distinctively upscale Euro styling while being priced cleanly within the KLR range.
More on the new Huskys here: 
New Products
New Bikes From BMW
The team at BMW has been working hard to make sure they stay at the head of the pack. In addition to the already exceptional line up of German iron we have some all new products this year. Check them out.

The Wasserboxer

They are finally here! This iconic mega enduro has been the big Kahuna of adventure bikes since its inception. The addition of liquid cooling brings with it a myriad of other upgrades and innovations.

wasserboxer 2

  Of course the big news is a completely new air- and water-cooled boxer engine.  Liquid cooling will be used just for the most thermally "stressed" areas with air used to cool the rest. 


The new power plant produces 125 hp at 7700 rpm and 92 ft-lb. of torque, 15 horses than its predecessor, plus a bit more torque. Additionallyl, the R1200GS weighs in at 524 lbs. or about eight pounds more than the 2012 model.


Other changes include electronic throttle control and five select-able driving modes (rain, road, dynamic, enduro and enduro pro) plus automatic stability                                                                  control (ASC). An electric cruise control is also an option.


 Upgrades to the suspension include BMW Motorrad Dynamic ESA (electronic suspension adjustment) not only allows user selectable driving parameters but monitors the movement of the front and rear wheels to automatically adjust the suspension to fit the driving conditions and redesigned Telelever front and EVO Paralever rear suspension. Also, the swingarm is longer for better traction off-road and is mounted on the left side. BMW includes larger tires, 120/70 R19 front and 170/60 R17 rear. 

There are ergonomic improvements as well. A new adjustable windscreen provides better wind and weather protection and can be moved using one hand. The driver seat is adjustable for both height and tilt and the passenger seat can be moved closer or further from the driver. A high and low seat, adjustable footrest and pedals are available accessories. 

Come to Big Twin Motorcycles to see the long awaited Waterboxer.


For more details on the new Wasserboxer check out:


f800gt 1

The new F800GT is a repackaged F800ST and the redesign really works well.

BMW's 798cc liquid-cooled parallel twin
 generates 90 horsepower (up from 85) at 8,000 rpm. The exhaust manifold and muffler were snitched from the F 800 R, with the addition of a new exhaust heat shield in the passenger heel area. 


The redesigned bodywork not only provides

f800gt 2

 better rider protection but is sexier than the ST and features longer mirror stems for improved rear viewing.


Other upgrades include 2 channel anti-lock braking system that now have an additional pressure sensor in the front brake circuit for more precise activation. Along with the ABS is a new Automatic Stability Control (ASC)-which reduces power to the rear wheel if excessive slip is detected. Also new is the optional Electronic Suspension Adjustment (ESA), allowing pushbutton changes to rear damping.


Other niceties are a 2-inch-longer swingarm for more stability, a 0.6-inch reduction in rear suspension travel (to 4.9 inches) that is changed to reduce rear squat and increase stability and a lower rider seat height, down from 33.1 inches to 31.5 inches. Further ergonomic improvements include a 0.8-inch-taller handlebar and 0.4-inch lower rider footpegs that are also 0.4-inch farther forward. The new seat is also wider, plus optional low and high seats are available. The new instrument cluster that displays more information with a standard onboard computer.


This is THE bike for anyone who is looking for a lightweight, great performing sport touring machine that boasts a broad selection of available accessories.

Here's where you can learn more:


2013 scooter 1
C600 & C650GT Scooters

Das Uber Scooter. BMW has set the new standard for large displacement scooters with the introduction of the touring oriented C650GT and the sportier C600.

Both the C600 Sport and C650 GT are propelled by a 647cc, liquid-cooled parallel-twin engine, which produces 60 bhp at 7500 rpm. Transmission is a CVT with the final drive by way of a conventional chain fully enclosed in an oil bath. 


Both scooters are a step-through design. The tubular-steel frame uses the motor as a stressed member. Suspension on both models comprises
includes a 40mm inverted fork and an angled rear shock on the left. Both also feature 15-inch cast wheels and ABS-equipped triple disc brakes.


These feisty funmobiles can reach 112mph and cruise comfortably at 85-90 mph for miles of smiles. With this type of performance these scooters are not limited to commuting duties although the great carrying capacities of the various compartments and the smooth and easy operation means that you get twist and go convenience in addition to supreme road worthiness.


Check em out:

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