Pretty pictures (and bigger, too!)


We've made a pile of changes to the site this week, including way larger photos in our slideshows and a better viewing experience for our regular posts. Try it here with  15 photos celebrating National Wildflower Week.


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green mountain
Serious greenwrapping


Does covering a coal-fired power plant with topiary make it any greener?   Greenwash Watch: Is this good design or egregious greenwrapping? 
How to garden without a garden


Allotment gardens are a great alternative for people without gardens in cities.  Here are some of the nicest we have seen yet. My Cool Allotment is a guide to the prettiest allotment gardens around


I'm tired just looking at it


Get a workout while you work and live, in a house that would exhaust Jane Fonda herself.  Forget the Passive House, the JF Kit House keeps you active and fit.


From the green design contest!


A creative and ridiculously simple how-to for building your own vertical garden.  Build a DIY vertical planter for small space gardening



What's it going to be?


Two very different 3D printing stories in the news; in one, a jerk in Texas makes a gun, because he can. In the other, scientists build a working bionic ear . Guess which one gets more attention. 


The shame of LED Droop


You know what it's like, you put more power in but it gets dimmer, not brighter. That's the shame of LED droop and it has now been solved. Result: brighter longer lasting lights.   Mysterious cause of LED 'droop' identified


Cute overload


This week is all about celebrating the bond between pets and their humans, and learning as much as you can about smart and eco-savvy pet ownership.  It's National Pet Week! Here's how to celebrate


log chair
The perfect TreeHugger chair


TreeHugger hasn't shown that much eco-furniture lately. Perhaps we were just waiting for this: made from trees, Do it yourself, $30 and as comfortable as, well, log on and try it!  Build your own log lounge chair for $30. It's from the Green Design contest.


Jargon Watch: NIMPS


The sense of entitlement is astonishing as owners complain Not In My Public Street, as if they own the place.  New York co-op sues Bike Share program for ruining their property values


Lots of great stuff this week in the Cooking Project


Believe me, I have eaten them all, including this Creamy fennel, spinach and asparagus soup [Vegan] Jaymi's pictures look even better in the new wide format too. 


In which Jaymi plays Julie to Kelly's Julia and works her way through theTreeHugger archives of vegetarian recipes, wielding a camera as well as a spatula.  The Cooking Project  
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