Bigfork ACES Update - May 26, 2017

ACES is taking a week long break to train and get ready for an amazing summer of CAMPS!  Over 90 kids are registered throughout the summer with an average of 65 kids per day.  

This school year has been the best ever for ACES with excellent staff and a couple of amazing site coordinators.  In October Bailey Vogt moved to LA to pursue a teaching job and support her fiance while he attends Officer Training School. We wish her the BEST and really MISS her.

In February, Corey Hull joined ACES as our new site coordinator.  Corey is married and has three children, Hannah is in 5th grade, Marshall in 3rd grade and Emie just turned 3 years old.  Corey comes to us with an extensive background as a house parent for children in the foster care system.


Bigfork ACES started in 2012 and has met a critical need in the Bigfork Community. This year the state required that we do a five year evaluation of our program and see how we compare with the requirements set out by the Federal Government. These evaluations contain crucial information that will hopefully convince the Federal Government to continue funding for the future. 

Time is running out!  Please! Please! Please! 

Take the time to do this survey!  We need to know what you Parents want and need from us! Click Parent Survey below to get started!

Student of the Week

Lola Bender

Lola always has a great attitude!  She loves to take care of the dirty work!  She will work in the dirt with the boys.  She will cut wood, drill, and nail boards together!  She is always one of the first to volunteer!  She will ask what chores needs to be done and then go and do it and always with a smile!  Lola is awesome!


Pick up a registration form at ACES the Bigfork Elementary School Office or go online at

Click here for Registration Form.

AmeriCorps Survey

Parents and Guardians

This online survey should take about 2-3 minutes to complete. Participation is voluntary, and responses will be kept confidential.
You have the option to not respond to any questions that you choose. Submission of the survey will be interpreted as your informed consent to participate.
If you have any questions about the research, please contact the Independent Evaluator, Marci Lewandowski at

Here are the links:

Parent Survey


We do a lot of cooking at ACES!  Melissa finds all kinds of things for the kids to cook! She has done homemade onion rings, homemade crackers with onion dip, and things like cupcakes or muffins!  The kids love it and love to eat it!    
Fun Days at ACES!

We LOVE having fun at ACES!  With the warmer weather it is so nice to be able to get outside!  We have the sandbox up and running and everyone wants to be in it!  Tag is a favorite game to play at ACES!  If you stop by, you will more than likely see a game of tag going on!
Nature Kids!!!!

We have Nature Days at ACES!  We like to go on scavenger hunts with cameras.  We go and collect bugs, identify trees and animal tracks.  It is a great way to get the kids outside and learn about what is around the community.  The kids are also making garden boxes for the community garden!  They love drilling, pulling nails, hammering, and sawing.

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