What are you doing June 11, 2017? Riding in Bike-a-thon, of course!
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This year marks the 45th Bike-a-thon and already 49 teams and 246 participants have committed to helping make this ride the best yet.

Thank you for tirelessly supporting the Bike-a-thon and helping the American Cancer Society create a world with more birthdays and less cancer.

Important Dates
  • NOW: 2017 registration is open - $40 (plus $100 fundraising minimum)

  • January: National Cervical Health Awareness Month

  • February 1: Registration increases to $60 (plus $100 fundraising minimum)
  • June 11: Bike-a-thon Bridge to the Beach!
Message from the Chair
Outwardly, it may not appear that much is taking place, however, behind the scenes we are busy as can be planning for 2017. We secured the date of June 11, 2017, and confirmed with the Atlantic City administration to again end on the boardwalk in front of Boardwalk Hall. Much analysis and assessments are taking place to improve upon the endpoint experience.

The rider survey responses provided us tremendous insight and perspective on your experience, and we believe you will be pleased with the plans for improvement. Some of the areas of focus will be a change in the food offering at the end as well as integration and better use of Kennedy Plaza for our activities. Shade on the Boardwalk will be available! We are performing a complete assessment of the route and road conditions including ingress and egress from all rest stops. Our priority is safety for all participants.

Fall is an exciting time of year for our committee. We have new members who are eager to contribute to the ride. Some current committee members received awards from the American Cancer Society's Greater Philadelphia Regional Board of Directors for their volunteer efforts during the year. At our awards dinner, we took the time to recognize those individuals who have been singled out for their contributions, volunteer efforts, fundraising, leadership, and embodiment of the spirit ingrained in Bike-a-thon. See photos of the award recipients and honored guests from the awards dinner.

Finally, as the holiday season is upon us, let us all take a moment, reflect and give thanks for all of the successes that have been achieved in the fight against cancer. As long as we do not concede, we give hope to those who will be impacted by cancer in the future.
Need it. Want it. Gotta have it.
The daylight hours are shorter and weather colder, but that doesn't mean you need to stay huddled inside. With the right gear, many cyclists can and do ride year-round. Lists of gear guides and gift ideas flood the internet this time of year. Want to stay local? Stop in one to one of the bike shops who provide support for Bike-a-thon, and don't forget to check out their group ride calendar. Happy shopping!
"It's for a Good Cause"
For many, the hardest part of participating in Bike-a-thon is fundraising. We often feel uncomfortable asking others to donate to our cause. One way to overcome this discomfort is to remember what our cause is about and be reassured how valuable and important every dollar is to this cause. We can take pride that we are doing our part to support the fight against cancer.

Our body language and our message are factors to consider when approaching a prospective donor. Conveying confidence in Bike-a-thon and recalling how cancer has affected so many will easy one's discomfort and our enthusiasm and passion will be felt by those we approach asking for a donation.

We hope for a yes response, supporting the cause. Sometimes it's a no. It means no for that moment, and we should not take their response personally. We have to remember it may be the circumstances of the prospective donor that results in their inability to support the cause at that particular time. Conditions may change where they may be a supporter in the future. History has shown, cancer touches most people at some point in their life and it may only be a question of time before those can support the cause. Remember, large or small, every dollar helps!
Riding for the Loves of Everyone's Lives
In February of 2004 my wife and soulmate, Gail Kardon went for her annual mammogram, and it showed cancer was present. Thanks to the mammogram technology her breast cancer was found early and easily treated with radiation. This September, once again, breast cancer was detected by a mammogram and this time is more serious.  The cancer was found in both the sentinel node and eight or nine other nodes.  Last week after several nerve-wracking days we learned it had NOT metastasized. While we now face six to eight painful, difficult months of chemo, radiation, and drugs, the prognosis is good. Once again the mammogram came to rescue the love of my life.

My wife and I met as teenagers, fell in love and have been married 41 years. Gail is the love of my life. I ride so all of the loves of our lives--spouses, partners, family, friends--will have a "mammogram" to save them. The mammogram was pioneered by critical early funding by our beloved American Cancer Society.  Every dollar brings us a step closer to the day when no one loses any loves of their life to cancer.
Bike Summit 2016, Hershey, PA
Volunteers and American Cancer Society staff gathered for a day of collaboration, talking about the five cycling events held in the northeast region. The meeting centered around the sharing of ideas on how to plan the safest, most enjoyable and rewarding experiences for cyclists, volunteers and supporters.
Ride or Volunteer Today!

For details on how our fundraising makes a difference, visit How Donations Save Lives.


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