What are you doing June 10 2018? Riding in Bike-a-thon, of course!
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Bike-a-thon is off and running with 49 teams, 288 participants and a 2018 logo! Don't forget to check out our Facebook , Twitter and Instagram pages to follow along on the journey to June 10!

Thank you for tirelessly supporting the Bike-a-thon and helping the American Cancer Society create a world with more birthdays and less cancer.
  • NOW: Register for Bike-a-thon - $40 plus $100 fundraising minimum; increases to $60 on February 1.

  • November: Lung Cancer Awareness Month, National Family Caregiver Month and Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month

  • November 28: Philadelphia Flyers' Cancer Awareness Game
Message from the Chair
On November 16, we hosted our annual awards dinner honoring our top individual fundraisers, top fundraising teams, volunteers and others. With more than 200 guests in attendance, we had the opportunity to recognize a special group of people without whom our ride could never take place. Through their efforts, commitment, compassion and endless hours of service we were able to offer a ride and experience second to none! We thanked them then, and we thank them now.

We heard from Dr. Sara Meyer, a researcher with the Sidney Kimmel Cancer Center at Thomas Jefferson University , who enlightened us about the ongoing efforts funded by the American Cancer Society towards the understanding of advances in the molecular mechanisms that contribute to Myeloid Leukemia.

We also got to see the winning logo for 2018 submitted by Ash Santiago, a student at the Hussian College . Her design captures the spirit and essence of our ride, and we are thrilled to know it will appear in our literature and on the Peloton jerseys.

We highlighted two special fundraising events:
  • A night at the Wells Fargo Center to watch the Flyers vs. San Jose Sharks on November 28 for this year's cancer awareness game
  • A Bike-a-thon Steering Committee Raffle which has five incredible prizes including a trip for two to Napa, California or Jamaica. Ticket sellers receive a $10 credit towards their fundraising. Find the details at acsbike.org.

The evening concluded with the drawing of the gift basket winners. All monies raised from the festivities helped us kick off the 2018 fundraising. With more than $20,000 raised, we are 25 percent ahead of last year at this time. Thank you, one and all.

Finally, it's a little more than six months until our ride and time to begin your preparations. The time will fly by, and before we know it, June 10 will be here.
What Can $540,159.35 Do?
That's how much the top ten 2017 Bike-a-thon teams cumulatively raised. Money that:
  • Covers 1,080 nights at a Hope Lodge
  • Connects 3,601 patients with an ACS patient navigator
  • Provides one-on-one peer support for a breast cancer patient
  • Gives 10,803 patients a ride to treatments
  • Supports 15,433 participants in the Cancer Prevention Study-3
  • Makes 24-hour info, available via phone or online, for 21,606 people
Hockey Fights Cancer Night
On November 28, we were fortunate to partner with the Philadelphia Flyers for the third year for their "cancer awareness night" game. In addition to being the recipient of more than $12,000 in donations from the Flyers organization towards our 2018 fundraising, we had an informational table in the concourse of the Wells Fargo Center which provided information regarding Bike-a-thon and cancer awareness.

Four of our committee members set up their bikes and trainers in the concourse and peddled throughout the evening, riding a combined 60+ miles. The highlight, however, was the honoring of six children, ranging in age from six to 12 years old, all of whom are cancer survivors. They were escorted onto the ice and stood with the players during the national anthem, one even dropping the ceremonial puck to start the game. While the team lost the game, the importance of cancer awareness was not lost by the fans in attendance.

Would You Like to Leave a Legacy in the Fight Against Cancer?
With a planned gift to the American Cancer Society, you can combine your desire to give to charity with your overall financial, tax, and estate planning goals. Planned giving gives you a special connection with the Society. You will help those touched by cancer — for now and for years to come.

Planned gifts make an incredible impact on the American Cancer Society’s mission as the #2 revenue source for the organization each year. In 2016, more than $140 million came in to the organization through estate and gift planning.

Please consider becoming a Planned Giving Champion. Champions are special friends of the American Cancer Society who have chosen to help save more lives from cancer by including a gift to the Society in their will or estate plan. These special gifts take many forms, but they all represent hope for cancer patients and their loved ones. Champions share a common goal to save lives and create a world free from the pain and suffering of cancer. Champions come from all walks of life. Some are cancer survivors. Many have lost loved ones to the disease. All understand the devastating impact cancer has and want to help change it.

“After losing my father to cancer, I wanted a way to help – a way to give – a way to end this disease. A will is such a simple thing for people to do,” Jeanne Harris, American Cancer Society Champion.

For more information about our American Cancer Society planned giving program and how you can become a Champion, please visit cancer.org/plannedgiving or contact your local Planned Giving Director, Jamie McCann at Jamie.McCann@cancer.org or 856-673-5736.
Don't Let Winter Win
It's cold. The streets are slippery. It's dark by 4 p.m. Winter training can seem impossible, but spring will creep up while you're snuggling under a cozy blanket. Drag your trainer out of the corner and read " How to Smash Indoor Training Sessions Like a pro Cyclist ." If you're ready to brave the chill, here are " 10 Helpful Tips to Keep You Riding " toasty and safe on the road. Bike-a-thon arm warmers won't hurt either.
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