What are you doing June 11, 2017? Riding in Bike-a-thon, of course!
The American Cancer Society Bike-a-thon's Monthly Newsletter
Bike-a-thon News & Updates

Another Bike-a-thon is in the books, and what an amazing time it was! This year,

3,426 riders, including 220-plus survivors and 222 teams, along with 250-plus volunteers raised $1,522,000. The website is updated and taking registrations, the steering committee and volunteers are working to put the pieces into place for 2017, and funds are already being raised!

Thank you for tirelessly supporting the Bike-a-thon and helping the American Cancer Society create a world with more birthdays and less cancer.

Important Dates
  • NOW: 2017 registration is open - $40 (plus a $100 fundraising minimum) until February 1, 2017! Sign up at acsbike.org

  • November 5-6: Bike-a-thon exhibits at the Philadelphia Bike Expo
  • June 11: Bike-a-thon Bridge to the Beach!
Message from the Chair
By the time you read this message, our steering committee is well on their way into the planning, scheduling and logistics for our 45th annual Bike-a-thon Bridge to the Beach set for June 11, 2017. I am proud to return as the event's chair for the third year. But, first, I would be remiss if I did not take the time to express my heartfelt thanks for your involvement, support, and participation in our 2016 ride, making it an extraordinary success. Not only did we have an increase in ridership, but we also raised more money that we have in the past five years.

The responses we received are overwhelmingly very positive. We are utilizing your input to continue improving the ride and your fundraising experience. We believe you will be excited to participate next year as we work to uphold the characteristics of the ride to the standard you expect. Look for monthly newsletters and like our Facebook page for important dates, related events, and news on the 2017 ride as it develops.

Going the Distance

Natalie Hoffmann received her cancer diagnosis on February 15, 2016: metastatic thyroid cancer. The same day, she got the long-awaited email congratulating her on winning the Broad Street Run lottery. Everything in her life suddenly seemed uncertain, but she felt sure of one thing, "I'm never going to be able to run in April."

On February 21, Natalie met Mark Feinman, chair of the Bike-a-thon steering committee, at the Greater Philadelphia Endurance Expo. Her surgery was scheduled for the next day. She quickly brushed past the Bike-a-thon table toward another vendor, fearing an emotional reaction at seeing the American Cancer Society name. Read the rest of Natalie's story here.  
Thank You!
To the 2106 food and beverage sponsors!
Keep on Pedaling
Bike-a-thon is over, but are you staying active and continuing to ride? Cycling is a low-impact way to get in shape, stay in shape and live a healthier lifestyle. Enjoy a peaceful solo ride or reach out to your local bike shop (check out acsbike.org or do a Web search to find a local club) and join their weekly group rides. You will enjoy the experience, make new friends and find yourself getting physically fit.

An important way to stay active and support the American Cancer Society is as a charity participant in the different events which they offer, including cycling, running and endurance races. Not only can you stay active, but you continue supporting the fight against cancer. Volunteering is also a marvelous, enriching and rewarding experience appreciated by the participants and the countless cancer patients who benefit from the funds raised. The fight against cancer is a 365 day a year fight. Our ride is just one of those days.
Ride or Volunteer Today!

For details on how our fundraising makes a difference, visit How Donations Save Lives.


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Bike-a-thon Bridge to the Beach