What are you doing June 10 2018? Riding in Bike-a-thon, of course!
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Haven't signed up yet? There's still time to join the 196 teams and the 2,822 participants who will pedal from the Bridge to the Beach! Don't forget to check out our Facebook , Twitter and Instagram pages to follow along on the journey to June 10!

Thank you for tirelessly supporting the Bike-a-thon and helping the American Cancer Society create a world with more birthdays and less cancer.
  • NOW: Register for Bike-a-thon - $80 plus $100 fundraising minimum (registration increases to $100 on June 1)

  • May: Cancer Research Month, Bladder Cancer Month, Brain Cancer Month, Melanoma/Skin Cancer Month

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I'm getting excited! Can you believe it, it's less than eight weeks until the ride. Things are coming together nicely. Permits have been applied for and many are already approved. Final assessments of each rest stop and their needs are in and resources are allocated. You can expect goodies such as fresh fruit, Kind bars, Honey Stinger products, bottled water and energy drinks along with Uncrustables and more. As we’ve heard in the past, “Bike-a-thon is one ride where you can gain weight eating the refreshments at the rest stops.” While we don’t necessarily want you to gain weight, we do want you to have sufficient offerings to keep you hydrated and nourished. Most of what we offer has been generously donated by our supporters and sponsors without whom we could not succeed.

There are minor adjustments in this year's ride, most of which should go unnoticed. Things such as enhanced endpoint command center operations, more fluid ingress and egress at rest stops, a mobile bike shop and e-bike mechanics (operated by Trek) for those in need of assistance along the route, improved telecommunications with our SAG vehicles and more. These are intended to improve our ride making it safer, more enjoyable and fun for all our participants while being considerate of the communities we pass through. Improved signage and more volunteers will assist cyclists along the 100 miles.

We are on track to reach our $1.5 million goal. Now it’s up to you:
  • Have you asked your friends and co-workers to join you? There's still time to register!
  • Have a fundraising event planned? Let us know so we can get the word out there to support you!
  • Want an easy fundraising stream? Sell some Bike-a-thon raffle tickets. Not only will $10 from each ticket be credited to your account, but each ticket gives the purchaser a chance to win spectacular prizes! Contact Vince to get tickets.

Shifting into high gear, we're preparing bib packets, finalizing transportation, and forging partnerships with Atlantic City hotels for those who wish to stay Sunday night, conducting our route inspection with our pre-ride and perhaps, a surprise or two. Now is the time for YOU to also shift into high gear. Remember to fundraise your $100 so you can get your bib packet in a timely fashion. Spread the word to get others to ride so that you will have companions along the route, and finally, get out and ride so that you are conditioned for ride day.
New for 2018:
Bicycle Safety Checks
This year, Bike-a-thon is requiring all cyclists have their bicycle inspected at one of our participating bike shops. Checked bikes will receive a band certifying it as safe to ride. Cyclists who did not have their bike checked may be charged for repairs during the event. Bike safety checks begin on May 1. See the list of participating bike shops here.
Calling All Volunteers!
Bike-a-thon couldn't happen without the hundreds of dedicated volunteers who donate their time and experience before, during and after the event. Not a cyclist? You can be a critical component to a successful Bike-a-thon by volunteering! Read more about the various volunteer opportunities available and sign up - we're thrilled to have you join us.
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attacking from every angle."
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Team Spotlight: Flying Fish / Summit
In 2015, a wonderful cycling friend of mine Lauren Macrae, a member of Summit Cycling, had just lost her fight against cancer. I was devastated and did not want to ride anymore, but Lauren had left me her bike and I had promised her that I would continue to ride and feel the wind in my face. About this time I was talking to Robin Tama, one of the founders of the Flying Fish Brewing Company. Her brother Chris had just been diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. What could we do? Chris had ridden the ACS ride before, So we decided we would ride the ACS Bridge To Beach. Myself in the memory of Lauren, and Robin would ride for Chris, as he could not.

Our team was born, Flying Fish/Summit.

In 2016 our small team had a great ride and made many new friends.

In 2017 our team had grown. Robin's brother Chris had finished his cancer treatments and joined our team as a survivor along with another survivor Jerry Lydon. They did the 100 miles and finished in front of Robin and myself.

This year, 2018, our team is made up of many cancer survivors, including our Co-Captain Deb Barron.

Every family is touched by cancer. We are committed to support these families. Why do we ride? [Because We Can.]
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