Bill 205 approved by unanimous vote in the Legislature
Headed to the Lt. Governor for royal assent 

Private Member's bills face an often unsuccessful path through a Legislative Assembly. We saw this in 2015 when a previous Bill 205, the PDD Consultation Amendment Act, introduced by MLA Marie Renaud, expired on the order paper at the end of that year's fall legislature session having only received first reading.

This year's Bill 205, the Advocate for Persons with Disabilities Act, introduced by MLA Jansen and co-sponsored by MLA Renaud, received a boost and added debate time when it was adopted as a government bill.

After hours of debate (click the YouTube link below to watch some highlights), and multiple references to Persons with Developmental Disabilities by MLAs who have clearly heard from our sector, Bill 205 passed by a vote of 50-0. Its next stop is with the Lt. Governor for her signature, and then to Minister Irfan Sabir for implementation. This process will include drafting the regulations that will give the advocate their scope and authority. ACDS will provide an update on this process.

MLA hopes disability advocate will make a real difference
"There's no point in doing something for window dressing. The person we put in place has to make a real difference in how services are provided in this province," said Jansen, who put forward the bill.
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Alberta legislature unanimously approves creation of disability advocate 
The legislation was originally a private members bill from Calgary-North West MLA Sandra Jansen but was made government business by the NDP to allow it to be debated and passed this spring.

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