Monday, November 21, 2016

NAFTA has caused 40 cents of every dollar we spend on Mexican imports to have originated in the US!

This means for a $1000 TV set imported to the US from Mexico, $400 of that set actually was spent in the US.  Conversely, only 4% of content is shared on Chinese imports.

A loss of NAFTA is a loss to our economy...

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" El Monday MaƱanero'' is a weekly update from the San Ysidro Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Jason M-B Wells - to inform and update Chamber members, the Community and interested parties on activities we are executing toward our mission "to enrich, lead and foster the San Ysidro business community and our bi-national region."
Opinions stated hereunder are those of Executive Director Wells, and not necessarily those of the entire board.
Thanksgiving Issue

~  We kicked off this holiday season in style! Last week, we rolled out the red carpet in San Ysidro for the unveiling of the San Ysidro Chamber of Commerce's Border Public Art Committee (BPAC) and its Binational Mural US1San Ysidro: The Place Where Soles Meet. 

This was a binational effort that would not have come to fruition without the outstanding support of Mexican Consul General in San Diego Marcela Celorio, the Mexican Secretary of Exterior Relations (SRE), the Institute for Mexicans Abroad (IME) and San Ysidro SNS Parking, Fish Mart, Panda Express, T-Mobile and Ghirardelli of the Outlets at the Border!

After weeks of planning,

The BPAC and T-Mobile volunteers cleaned and gathered border-crosser shoe prints...

Then, we prepped the wall...

The mural itself took a week to paint...

Then the festivities... Leaders and members of our community came out to show their excitement for the BPAC, appreciation of the binational mural effort and gratitude to Mexican Consul General Celorio.

Fahme/ Casares/ Boutros Family                   Aguirre Family 
Chamber Treasurer Rudy Lopez;  Ladies of San Ysidro Women's Club 
Chamber Treasurer Rudy Lopez, Hermanos Lopez Representative Ceci Lopez, Chamber Executive Director Jason Wells, Chamber Secretary Alfredo Ripa and Chamber President Jennifer Goudeau

Chamber board member and TMobile Manager Carlos Meza, Chamber President Goudeau, Chamber Secretary Ripa and SY business owner; Outlets at the Border Asst General Manager Andres Ripa, Chamber board member and Owner 
of Sunny Perfumes Sunil Gakhreja and SY business owner

speeches from:


Binational Representation from - MX Consul General in San Diego Marcela Celorio and US Consulate Political & Economic Officer Kevin Vaillancourt and representing San Ysidro - Chamber President and San Ysidro Planning Group member Jennifer Goudeau

the media were in full force as well:

and, finally, the unveiling...

San Ysidro CBP Assistant Port Director Sally Carrillo

It wasn't all work...

THANK YOU TO ALL WHO SUPPORTED THIS (firstof many) BINATIONAL EFFORT!!!  On behalf of the San Ysidro Chamber of Commerce Border Public Art Committee
Chamber staff Gina Escamilla and Brianda Diaz; "Honorary" BPAC members Alvaro Noriega and Patricia Pinzon of the Mexican Consulate in San Diego

~  As the Chamber's ED, I would like to thank:

First and foremost, another year of support  from our BID members and our Chamber members. Advocating for you, promoting you and working with you has been our sincere pleasure!

Our President's Circle Members
Your ABOVE and BEYOND support makes all we do possible.  Thank you!

A special thanks to our Board members - those who give up time they could be spending on their own businesses to provide leadership for the Chamber to help everyone else's!

Also, a heartfelt thanks to our committee members - the committee level is where the work gets done, and we couldn't do it without you! 

Last, but not least, I thank my staff and family.  We operate like an army, yet only two of us get paid to do what we do... and none of us are paid for the time we actually put into San Ysidro.  Ours is truly a labor of love and dedication to our supporters.

And if you're reading this... I give thanks to you, too.  if you're not part of a group I listed above, I know you will be soon.

During this season of giving thanks and reflecting upon the year, we thank you all, hope you enjoy time with your loved ones, and pray we all have a better 2017! 

To learn more about these meetings, to pics or any other San Ysidro Chamber of Commerce work, please contact our office at or 619.428.1281. We're here for, and because of, YOU!!! 

Look for next week's update, now weekly on Mondays.
Best Regards,

Jason M-B Wells
Executive Director
San Ysidro Chamber of Commerce  


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