Celebrating 45 Years of BioGeometry, Course Handouts, and More!

Dear BioGeometry Friends,

We want to thank everyone who joined us two weeks ago at the BioGeometry student event in Montreal, "Celebrating 45 Years of BioGeometry." Many were missed at this event, especially our Egyptian BioGeometry team. We are looking forward to celebrating with our colleagues, instructors, and students at our centre in Egypt.  

The four days were spent connecting with the BioGeometry community and exploring deeper BioGeometry topics through the theme "The Multidimensional Universal Human Being." The concept of the BioGeometry energy key was expanded to cover a new time-space-gravity model that was further used to explore the multidimensionality of the human body and chakra system, as well as new insights into the levels of the soul. The topics were dealt with in the usual BioGeometry practical methodology. 

We also took a look back at the 45 Year Journey that brought us here today, with the new students connecting with our BioGeometry oldies ;) 

In the words of Robert J Barnes: "We were learning how to design time space portals which is the way matter is transformed from the universe!" 

Finally Here! BioGeometry Signatures Book 

We started the celebration with the long awaited release of the BioGeometry Signatures (BioSignatures) book by Dr. Ibrahim Karim, a hands on guide to using and understanding BioGeometry Signatures. 

The book explores the multi-dimensional and environmental properties of BioGeometry Signatures and contains the updated & revised selection of BioGeometry Signatures!

Bonus for students: The starting points of each of the BioGeometry Signatures are indicated so you no longer have to measure to find the correct direction.

BioGeometry Signatures
Mandalas Coloring Book 

Doreya Karim released the theraputic BioGeometry Signatures Mandalas Coloring Book, which combines the stress relieving effects of colouring and BioGeometry Signatures! Each Mandala design addresses a specific organic function. 

New! BioGeometry Signatures (BioSignatures) Pendant

With the release of the new book, the new generation of the BioGeometry Signatures pendants was released! In this new pendant, the original set of BioGeometry Signatures is included, while specific BioGeometry Signatures have been repeated multiple times to enhance the energy flows associated with Depression, Autism, Hepatitis C, Cancer, among many other repeated BioGeometry Signatures. 

The new BioGeometry Car Strip was also introduced at the event. The strip can be placed anywhere on the dashboard of the car in order to harmonize the effect of the electromagnetic stress within the automobile environment. Testimonials also show reduced driving stress and increased alertness. The Car Strip includes the new BioGeometry "Wifi L", a special angle designed for wireless environments, which will be available seperately as a plastic sticker for wireless routers and smart meters. 

The new pendant, car strip, and Wifi L stickers will be available on our online shop:  www.biogeometryshop.com by Mid-November and with our instructors and retailers  worldwide.

New Multidimensional BG28 Disc

One core concept of BioGeometry is its ability to go beyond polarized concepts  of healing that are related to time-space, and prone to directionality and dosage effects. At the event, we took this concept even further through the introduction of the BG28 Disc. Unlike the Horizontal Dial Pendulum Disc, the BG28 Disc, which has 28 manifestations of BG3 on the periphery of a circle, does not need a polarizer in order to bypass the effects of magnetic North. When these special 28 points are identified together on one circle the emission produced by each line manifests multiple colour qualities at once! This allows us to use the Horizontal Dial Pendulum as a universal emitter. We look forward to introducing the BG28Disc in the BioGeometry curriculum and to our students. 

BioGeometry  Environmental Home Solutions 
New Services Overview & Program Prospectus

Sayed Karim introduced the new BioGeometry Space Harmonizer Stand as an addition to the BioGeometry Environmental Home Solutions (BG-EHS) tool kit. This new addition, among others, allows BG-E HS  practitioners a more time efficient and effective service. 

BioGeometry Autism  Project

In 2015, BioGeometry announced our collaboration with the Kodorat Society for Autism in creating an integrated community centre for special needs children in Egypt according to the the design principles of BioGeometry. Shapes and architecture were all developed through models tested on the children with positive testimonials and experiences from teachers who conducted sessions with Autistic children under a model class design that we created at our centre in Egypt for testing. This model pavilion is available at the BioGeometry centre in Egypt for those who would like to experience the balancing effects.  A special thank you to the whole team who are collaborating  to realize a project like this in Egypt: Arch. Raef Fahmi, Dahlia Soliman, Fatma Mamish, Ingy Mashhour, Walid Abdelhady Shoora, Noor Tarek M ohamed, Hossam Goda, and Rasha Maher Khalil. We have to also extend a thank you to BioGeometry Ma sters and Ph.D. students who have  researched the effects of BioGeometry on the brain and learning disabilities. 

This project has gained much interest, so we have began working on a model that can be installed in the home in the form of a lamp which can mirror the positive effects of the prototype that we have built in centre. 

BioGeometry is not a form of medical diagnosis or treatment, it is a long-term environmental support for the body's energy system and all types of treatment.