6 July 2017
Devan Nair Institute for Employment and Employability
Level 7, Room 07-02
80 Jurong East St 21
Singapore 609607
Introductory Workshop 
to Biosafety 
The objective of this workshop is to introduce the basics of biosafety laboratories requirements. Applicable legal framework and guidance documents will be presented and a brief introduction on the different levels of biological safety laboratories will be discussed.

Additional hazards found in these biological laboratories will be identified and focused presentations on  Biological Safety Level -2 (BSL-2) and Biological Safety Level -3 (BSL-3) labs will be conferred. 

This is a repeat run of the same workshop that took place in 2016!
Presentation Outline
Biosafety standards and biohazards 

In this segment, participants will understand what are biological safety levels and also the legal requirements in Singapore. The Biological Agents and Toxins Act (BATA) introduced by the Singapore Ministry of Health (MOH) in 2005 regulate the possession, use, import, transfer and transportation of biological agents and toxins that are known to be hazardous to human health. This legislation provides for the safe practices and security in the handling of such agents and toxins. 
Other topics that will be discussed in this segment include:
  • Legal situation in Singapore
  • Biosafety standards and guidelines
  • Risk group classification
  • Introduction to biosafety laboratories
  • Biorisk, biohazards and lab acquired infections
Introduction to a BSL-2 and BSL-3 laboratories 

An overview of the features in terms of architectural and engineering will be introduced to allow a deeper understanding of the requirements for such facilities. Essential equipment and PPE that are required to be used in these facilities will be shared during the workshop.
Consultants from Basler & Hofmann Singapore 

Mr Dennis Lim is a Senior Mechanical Engineer in Basler & Hofmann in Singapore where he does design, review and advisory consultancy services for biocontainment laboratories facilities. He graduated with a Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical) and Master of Engineering Science (Engineering Management). Dennis is a Singapore Certified Energy Manager (SCEM) and has a vast working experience in the area of facility management, cGMP Validation and biosafety lab certifications. 

Ms Qiu Chongwei is a Project Manager and Senior Biosafety Consultant for laboratory and biosafety services in Basler & Hofmann Singapore with expertise in laboratory design planning, biorisk management system, safety review and training for general biological laboratories to high containment facilities. She graduated with a Master of Science from National University of Singapore. She is also trained as an OHSAS 18001 specialist.

Mr Foo Xuexun is a Mechanical Engineer in Basler & Hofmann Singapore with expertise in biorisk engineering review and consultancy for high biocontainment laboratories facilities. He graduated with a Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical) from Nanyang Technological University Singapore and is a Singapore MOH Certified Biosafety Coordinator. Xuexun's experience also extends to the area of GMP facility management, project management and biosafety lab commissioning and certifications.


Schedule and Topics 

Topic/ Activity
Consultants from B&H
Biosafety standards and biohazards
Consultants from B&H
Introduction to a BSL-2 laboratory
Consultants from B&H
Tea Break - Networking
Introduction to a BSL-3 laboratory
Consultants from B&H

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