New Branding,
New Opportunities!

You may have noticed our new logo on the newsletter! Birth Choice has partnered with Eye-To-Eye Communications, to give our image and our purpose a whole new look. To be in the fight for life, we need to stay fresh and keep up with the latest trends and strategies in order to remain relevant in our changing times. We want those in our communities to think of Birth Choice when help is needed for a crisis pregnancy.

With Eye-To-Eye Communications, we are moving forward in a big way. We know that the proponents of death are well-funded and well known. Our fight must be fought at the same level so that Birth Choice can be visible to the public eye.

This means that not only do we have a new logo, but that we are active on all fronts. Our website is going through a complete renovation. We now have a new Facebook page! All of our literature and programs are being updated. Our baby bottle drives are being promoted throughout the county. ( Call us now to schedule your time to participate in this fun and innovative way to support life in your church congregation, bible study, pro-life club or school ). We are in the process of updating our signage and window dressing as well as a new marquee street-side for both locations to reflect our new look.

As we await the return of our Nurse Manager who is on maternity leave with her new little boy, we continue the processes for licensing so that upon her return, we can begin to prepare the Ultrasound Mobile Unit for readiness and purchase that window to the womb, the ultrasound machine itself!

This is an exciting time and we want everyone to have the opportunity to actively participate in the fight for life. Please click here to make your contribution either as a one-time or monthly gift.

We need constant prayer for God's guidance and protection as we continue to step out and change so expect to see more changes from us, and to see more of us.  "As the time of Christ's return comes closer, and the birth pains become more (Matthew 24)", it is imperative that we fight the good fight with every weapon available.

We thank you for your continued prayers and support.

God Bless you!

Heidi Hill

Amy: 2/2  |   Ashton: 3/10   |   Jaylah: 3/15
Landon: 3/20   |   Sofia: 4/21  |  Taran: 5/8   |   Nayeliannah: 5/24

A New Life 

client came in to discuss her options. She had suffered the loss of a family member. As a result, she had been with a man she did not care about. She knew she was in a bad place and felt her child deserved better. She lost her job and her living situation was precarious. She was confused and her thinking erratic. After spending time with her, she suddenly sat bolt upright and said, "I have made my decision. I am going to have an abortion." Then she quickly left. It was a baffling intake and she would not respond to attempts to reach her. Her decision could only lead to more depression because, unlike some, she knew that this wasn't just a blob of cells, but a child. I remember praying throughout our time together for wisdom and strength to untangle the web of her thinking. But, as with all clients, I released her into our Savior's hands, hoping that by some miracle she would have a change of heart.

Out of the blue, months later, I received a copy of a baby shower invite. She had a girl!

We often do not know the outcome of our client's decisions. Our job is to educate and plant the seeds, and pray with a hopeful heart. The rest is up to our Lord who never leaves their side!

*Details of this story have been modified to preserve anonymity.

Save the Date: October 15

Back by popular demand, our keynote for this year's banquet "Seeing Is Believing" Saturday, October 15th, will be Marc Newman.

Women's Fundraising Luncheon

We thank all of the ladies who came to support Birth Choice at this year's women's luncheon. Andrea Yim's inspirational message fired us up to keep on fighting for life.
We had great fellowship, and the raffle was a wonderful success, raising $19,000!
Because of your support, we are able to move forward with our medical conversion.

Heart of the Center: Our Staff

Birth Choice relies heavily on volunteers who help educate and encourage our clients everyday. They are integral to our success. We've also taken great steps to reorganize the roles and responsibilities of our professional staff to meet the growing needs of our clients. Please welcome this incredible team!

        Heidi Hill              Shelly Meier        Meghan Elliot          Melissa Jagel
    President/CEO            Bookkeeper          Nurse Manager          Receptionist/
                                 Executive Assistant                               Mobile Coordinator

   Shelly Aguillera            Sue Cusey             Carey Lorton           Jennifer Pinti
     Client Services         Boutique Manager/       Office Manager            Receptionist/
          Manager              Growing Families                                  Online Communications
                                          Facilitator                                                  Manager

     Jenny Grethel
   Growing Families
Thank you for your Support!

All of your donations to the boutique are a tremendous help and greatly appreciated! A special thanks to Shelby Shuler from Friends of Hope, Kathy Malfronte and Carol Bell.

May the LORD reward you for your kindness. -Ruth 1:8

There are always needs in any ministry. Please contact us if you can help:
* Underwrite our Fall Banquet (Goal: $30,000) 
Volunteer Baby Bottle Coordinator and team members
* Volunteer Sexual Integrity Facilitator/Team Leader
* Financial Sponsor for updated signage for both centers ($5,000)
* Room or Granny Flat in San Marcos for our Mobile Coordinator  Volunteer
* Volunteer Nurse
Sonographers (to be trained)
* Volunteer Client Advocates

God does listen to all of our prayers, 
and we know that He answers them in 
His time. It is not the least we can do, 
but the most. (Mk 9:29. Jn 14:13-14)

We ask that you pray for:

* Our abortion vulnerable clients and their babies

* Those who promote and work in the abortion industry to have a change of heart and for the scales of deception to be removed from their eyes

* The needs and spiritual protection of Birth Choice as we become medical

* The upcoming elections and the moral climate of our country

Mission & Vision

Mission: To provide necessary services and support to save the lives of the preborn.
Vision: To care for women in crisis pregnancies by providing resources, education and support so they might choose life-saving alternatives to abortion.

Birth Choice San Marcos
277 S. Rancho Santa Fe Rd.
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San Marcos, CA 92078
Birth Choice Oceanside
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Board of Directors:
Raymond Van Pletsen, Chairman
Bernie Montoya, Vice Chairman
Dennis Kreta, Treasurer
Karen Garcia, Board Member
Heidi Hill, Board Member
National Institute of Family and Life Advocates (NIFLA)
Heartbeat International Associates For Life (AFL)
Heidi Hill,  President/CEO