Letter from the CEO, Heidi Hill



Dear Faithful Supporters of Birth Choice,

We are so excited that our Women's Mobile Clinic is licensed and about to be deployed. By the next newsletter, and banquet update in September, we will have so much to share about how the WMC has provided the opportunity to serve women under multiple situations, all in an effort to change our culture through education, love and prayer

We had our first annual Vision meeting to share the incredible progress of Birth Choice over these 30 years, complete with our first Annual Report. If you would like a copy please contact our office and we would be happy to send one. Our 990 can be found on our website if you would like more financial details about our operations.

I now have speaking topics that I would love to share with your church community or women's group, all for FREE! Go to our website for more information or contact the office for a biography and list of speaking topics.

Would your church like to participate in a staff tour? Churches are becoming more involved and Birth Choice would love the opportunity to partner with you!

We are participating in multiple events throughout North County, which can also be found on our website, to become more known in the community like Camp Pendleton's Ministry Faire, Immaculate Heart Radio's Elevate Conference, the Oceanside Health Faire and more. God has been so good in providing the opportunities to complete His work.

We paired up with Lamb of God maternity home to provide By Design so that those who placed their baby for adoption might make better choices for their future. And as you saw in our client story, Birth Choice is still providing the chance for women to heal from the regret of abortion.

Lives are being changed and Birth Choice is so privileged to be a part of God's great plan that all life might be valued, protected and celebrated. Please join us for our 30 Year Celebration and Fundraising Event on September 23rd at the Sheraton Carlsbad. You won't want to miss it and we certainly would love to share our joy with you!

Many Blessings,

Heidi Hill


New Arrivals
4/4: Victoria Sophia  (6 lb, 9 oz) |  4/8: Ayvah (7 lb, 10 oz)
4/20: Alex  (6 lbs) | 4/22: Aliyah (8 lb, 10 oz)
4/28: Sofia (7 lb, 8 oz) | 5/1: Rowyn |  Jonathan

A Story of Healing Through
After A
bortion Care

"B" was a college grad where her partying days began. They continued once she began working and alcohol became a regular part  of her life. Sh began hangi ng out with the wrong people and  sex became a way of getting attention and feeling better about herself . Drinking was part of the process that led to sex; sometimes unprotected and sometimes during a  blackout where protection may have been forgotten. The morning after pill became her birth control method.  After 9 months, she quit her job because she was struggling mentally. She became even more depressed once she was not working and began to drink and party more. She found herself in a relationship with two different guys at the same time. A lcohol was always present. One day she began vomiting when she drank which was unusual. She also could not lose weight and a friend jokingly asked if she was pregnant. Her cycles were irregular but she began to wonder when the last one was. A pregnancy test from the dollar store confirmed her fears. It was positive. And she ha d no idea who the father was .

She immediately began calling around for abortion services with the sup port o f a friend who had also had an abortion. She was very anx ious to  get the problem resolved. Once it was over, she was relieved, but the drinking got worse and she became suicidal. She often had thoughts of how she would check out...a gun, a knife? "B" finally c ame to a place where she knew she needed help. She never  saw herself as an alcoholic. She started to go to church on a regular basis. It was there that she finally broke down realizing that she had a problem. The Pastor listened to her story where she confessed the abortio n. He directed her to a healing retreat and "B" went... it brought to surface many things that required attention but more time was needed. She felt even worse. Another friend did some research and shared with "B" some other abortion healing resources. After checking out a few, and having another bad experience with another program, she finally came to Birth Choice. She also started going to AA .

"B" came to love her Peer counselor and appreciates the time that she has spent in helping her to heal at her own pace, with patience and support. She is now working the AA program and has been sober for 1 year. She has a great job and is close to completing the After-Abortion Care program at Birth Choice. The final step is in naming her child and having a memorial service. She said that she had a profound belief that her child was a boy and asked God to help her pick a name for him. Raphael immediately came to mind. She was curious about this name and wondered what it meant. When she looked it up she found that it meant " God has healed!"

We want all clients that come to Birth Choice to know that we are always here for them no matter what their past looks like or what choices they have made that bring them to their current state. God forgives everything. All we have to do is ask. Birth Choice strives to be a vehicle to help women who have suffered the mistake of abortion to find healing, consolation and forgiveness. Abortion is the great destroyer of self and relationships. Healing through Christ slays the brokenness and guilt that the enemy uses to ensnare us. He loves each of us as if we were the only one, completely, totally and overwhelmingly no matter what. God has indeed healed and saved!!

Thank you for your LOVE

Anonymous - to fund construction of Oceanside entryway

Joan Conner - Cash donation on behalf of her son who passed away.

Debra Trueba - $100 cash donation

Cathy Kazebee

Beautiful handmade quilts and baby afghans

Mission & Vision

Mission: To provide necessary services and support to save the lives of the preborn.
Vision: To care for women in unplanned pregnancies by providing resources, education and support so they might choose life-saving alternatives to abortion.

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Board of Directors:
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Karen Garcia, Secretary
Heidi Hill, Board Member
National Institute of Family and Life Advocates (NIFLA)
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