The Power  of Ultrasound!


A t 15, client "Y" found herself pregnant. She told her parents and boyfriend. Her boyfriend did not want her to have an abortion but he also did not want to be a father or be responsible. All her friends abandoned her. Her mother wanted her to have an abortion because she was fearful of what people would say about her and about their family. She thought an abortion was just a shot that would end her daughters pregnancy. Her father supported her mother. But client "Y" wasn't so sure. In her heart she didn't feel right aborting her baby but, she was living in her parent's house. What could she do?

She was on her way to the beach when she saw the mobile parked on Mission Ave. across from the Oceanside office. She went to the mobile and asked if she could get an ultrasound. She wanted so much to see her baby. They sent her to Birth Choice for the intake and Pregnancy Test. It was discovered that she exceeded the standing orders of the Medical Director of the mobile service provider, which meant that she was more than 14 weeks. The Birth Choice Client Advocate started calling around to find someone who would provide "Y" with a free ultrasound. Finally, Rady agreed. "Y", her mother, the boyfriend and the Client Advocate all went together for the ultrasound. When her mother saw the baby, she started to cry. "Y" was very tired and as she raised her arm above her head to rest it on the pillow, the baby raised her arm too in an exact duplication of her mother's actions. Now "Y's" mother began to sob. "Y" began to cry too. Her baby was a girl!

"Y" is now 18. She and her daughter are living with her parents. "Y" finished high school, has a job and will be attending Mira Costa this fall. She wants to be an ultrasound technician. She would like to help other women have the same experience she had and is so grateful that she did not have an abortion. The ultrasound made the difference, not only for her but the entire family.

"Y" said that before the birth of her daughter, her family was living separate lives. Now, they all have come together for the sake of the baby!

Adilae : 5/27 |  Josiah: 6/1 |  Jackson 7/8
Ryan: 8/3 |  Isaac: 8/11

Sean's birthday: 5/20/16

A Reflection

O ur banquet is weeks away and I have been reflecting on my update from last year. We have just passed the housing inspection and the licensing paperwork has been submitted for the mobile. God has been so good. It's almost unbelievable to see how far Birth Choice has come in such a short time; and we still have 3 months to go! Have we had obstacles? Most assuredly yes! Every step forward has come with a great price. But when I look at the courage of the website testimonials, Client "Y" in this article and the clients at our banquet, I realize that these women, their children and the lives that have been changed, even those who have helped along the way...this is why we do what we do. And that is priceless! We can only rejoice in His abundant providence. This world class complainer is humbled and in awe that I get to participate in the ripples of God. Join me in Praise and Thanksgiving for a Father who blesses us every step of the way!

Heidi Hill, 

Heart of the Center

The Bible has many references to workers throughout both the old and new testaments. A common thread is that God appoints exactly who and when He chooses to use workers. From Moses and Aaron, to the apostles, God always gives us who we need to carry out our ministries. We see this at Birth Choice and are so blessed to have three new staff members that strengthen us in the fight for life.

Sharon Twilliger
Baby Bottle Coordinator/Receptionist
Sharon has been a volunteer at Birth Choice, and answered God's call to become our Baby Bottle Coordinator. We are very excited that God answered our prayers with Sharon! Having a person dedicated to Baby Bottle Drives, will encourage relationships with churches and raise more funds for our Mobile Ultrasound Unit. Sharon is also a receptionist, providing the consistency needed so that no call goes unanswered and there are more hours of service for women in need. For more information on your church, organization, or church group having a Baby Bottle Drive or becoming a team member, contact Sharon at 760-744-1313.

Sue Galvez
"By Design" Sexual Wholeness
and Integrity Coordinator
Sue is a retired teacher, and has been a volunteer at Birth Choice for years. After a brief hiatus, she has returned in her new role, which is another answer to prayer, as the Sexual Wholeness and Integrity Coordinator. Sue will be organizing and teaching these workshops. They truly make a difference in the lives of young women and teens, to be equipped and educated on their reproductive health and the value of their bodies in these challenging times. For more information on becoming a team member, attending a "By Design" Sexual Integrity workshop, or holding one at your school or church, contact Sue at 760-231-8885.

Jim Dahl
Women's Mobile Clinic Custodian
Raised as a South Dakota farm boy and educated at South Dakota State as an electrical engineer, Jim Dahl sought a warmer climate and was employed by Honeywell Aerospace division in Clearwater, Fla. As a Field engineer with challenging job assignments, the job moved Jim to Scotland to service the oil industry where he married his Irish born, California raised wife, Ann. Numerous moves and job transfers eventually allowed a 13 year period near Ft. Worth Texas and time to work a horse ranch and renew long delayed farm talents while working with the Department of Defense. The last 10 years of engineering career were at NASA's Johnson Space Center, Houston as consultant during the assembly of the International Space Station. Retirement came as an option in 2010 when Mother-in-law needed assistance in Carlsbad, CA. Now, part time work in a Catholic book store, activities with Knight of Columbus and another new challenge as a volunteer to Birth Choice keeps him very busy.

Camp Pendleton Ministry Fair
Birth Choice was privileged to attend the Annual Camp Pendleton Ministry Fair. This was a wonderful opportunity to network with other on-base ministries while letting them know the services that are available to all women on base. Birth Choice received tremendous support from many Chaplains, Women's Ministries and Churches while we were there.

Baby Bottle Drives

God has provided for Birth Choice for 29 years without any fundraising. He calls each of us in different ways to serve. One of the ways that keeps our doors open consistently, and provides an opportunity for anyone to give, is through baby bottle drives. Churches or church groups can host a baby bottle campaign any time of the year, and our Coordinator and volunteers take care of all of the details. This year, Carlsbad Community Church, Mission Hills Church, Meadowlark Church, St. Mark's, St Mary's Oceanside and Horizon Church all hosted baby bottle drives. If you would like to learn more about how you can give your spare change through baby bottles, contact Sharon at the San Marcos location or go to our website @


It's that time of year again! Birth Choice's Fall Banquet will be on October 15th, and we will have Dr. Marc Newman as our guest speaker. A founding faculty member of the Applied Bioethics program at Okla-homa Wesleyan University, he has spoken at nearly every pro-life convention in the nation, and we are very pleased to hear him speak at our banquet again. Last year's banquet raised $130,000, which helped us with the purchase of the Mobile Ultrasound Unit. So, we hope you can join us in the biggest fundraising event of the year so that all women understand that "Seeing is Believing". Sign up online at scroll all the way to the bottom and click on Event Sign-up or call 760-744-1313.

Blessing of the San Marcos Center

We continue to experience tremendous change and growth with the hope of being used even more by God to serve women, babies and families. The blessing of our Lord is more than a gift, but a necessity for Birth Choice to be guided and protected in the fight for life. This summer, the San Marcos facility was privileged to have Father Twilliger from St. Mark's bless our center.

Thank you for your Support!

We are grateful to have a baby boutique with many beautiful items provided by many generous donors. This is a tremendous blessing to the participants of the Earn While You Learn program, providing women and families with material goods while gaining a solid foundation in their skills as new parents.

A special thanks to Cecelia Telles from St. Mary's Star of the Sea Alter Society, Joye Gaetke from Team Life, Suzanne Trotti, Thomas Davis from St. Mark's and Debbie Napier from St. Margaret's.

May the LORD reward you for your kindness. -Ruth 1:8

There are always needs in any ministry. Please contact us if you can help:
Table Hosts for the Birth Choice Fundraising Banquet
Volunteer Nurse Sonographers (to be trained)
Volunteer Client Advocates for Oceanside and San Marcos
Volunteer Mobile Ultrasound Unit Drivers 
Baby Bottle Team members
Sexual Integrity Facilitators
Organizations to host Baby Bottle Drives

What a comfort and encouragement that God has answered our prayers from the last newsletter! Thank you for everyone who prays for Birth Choice and our prayer requests.

"Then hear from heaven their prayer and their supplication, and maintain their cause."
-2 Chronicles 6:35

* New Sexual Integrity Facilitator
* New Baby Bottle Coordinator
* A room for our Mobile Coordinator
* 2 new Volunteers in Oceanside
* Fall Fundraising Banquet
* Mobile Ultrasound Unit  Driver/Custodian

* Our state and nation to  vote in God's will, and for life.
* Spiritual protection and provision for our Pregnancy Resource Center, Mobile Ultrasound Unit and all those who serve at Birth Choice and in the cause for life.
* Our abortion vulnerable clients, their babies and the fathers of the babies.
* Women who have had an abortion; to get the healing and care they need
* Those who promote and work for abortion to have a change of heart and for the scales of deception to be removed from their eyes.

Mission & Vision

Mission: To provide necessary services and support to save the lives of the preborn.
Vision: To care for women in unplanned pregnancies by providing resources, education and support so they might choose life-saving alternatives to abortion.

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