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Bishop Wiley Jackson says enough is enough! 


Kierra Sheard living a bold right life!  


A Chicago Pastor pleads guilty to stealing 1.6 million in church funds 


Oprah speaks on Trayvon Martin murder. See video 


Jermaine Dupri counter sues his bank claiming they exploited his lack of education 


A mother bites her 16 year old daughter on breast in a fight... 


Boy is brutally beat on bus driver says there was nothing I could do 


Husband kills robber to protect his wife 


One of the biggest Youth Baptism's ever 673 go to the water! 


NYC was the HOT SPOT this weekend! 


Trin-i-tee 5:7's Chanelle going Solo! 


Son of political figure robbed at Morehouse College on first day! 


Atlanta is HOT spot this week! 


Everybody needs to find some type of meditation says Oprah 


Black unemployment rate lowest in nearly 5 years 


WOW! Forbes Magazine is talking about Bishop Jakes! 


Le'Andria Johnson spent the night with the homeless on the streets of the ATL! 


We spoke with Dr. Holly Carter Producer of Preachers of LA!


Man calls police on McDonalds ends up in jail! 


More Americans are being raised without religion than ever!


Russell Simmons has choice words for CNN's Don Lemon in an open letter 


Iyanla Vanzant says women of color are out of order! Do you agree? 


Miss Robbie of Sweetie Pies says keep on watching please!


President Obama speaks candidly about the Kim Kardashian and Kanye West era 


Now folks mad at Marvin Sapp for going to see Kevin Hart 


Rapper Waka Flocka says being in love feels like the Holy Ghost... 


Detroit Pastor killed for asking someone to cut their music down 


Why not a white student union they have the NAACP... 


Rapper TI says he would be in jail if Trayvon was his son!  


Oprah says whatever you do don't use the n word in her presence 


Cissy Houston shares open letter to Bobbi Kristina 


 Queen Latifah says stop it there is no such thing as the next Oprah


Is Louis Farrakhan a racist? 


Folks mad because Pastor Jamal Bryant took his 16 yr old daughter to Beyonce concert 


OMG! OMG! Mary Mary passes the mic to Y'anna Crawley and Le'andria Johnson in DC! 


Wife arrested after funeral home finds stab wounds it wasn't a car accident... 


Man forgives and calls his wife a Godly person after she plotted his murder 


Lisa Raye talks about celibacy, dating and future husband 


Father of 24 children found dead 


Oklahoma Pastor is RE-arrested for getting his relative pregnant


Why a believer shouldn't marry an unbeliever... 



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Bishop Wiley Jackson says enough is enough!

Bishop Wiley Jackson says enough is enough  Read More... 
Kierra Sheard living a bold right life!   

A Chicago Pastor pleads guilty to stealing 1.6 million in church funds Read More...



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