As of March 21, 2017, the Business Council for Peace has 373 members from  29 states and 13 countries.

Hi Bpeacers--
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Our newest members.  
Hot volunteer opportunities that need to be filled. 
Milestones for members outside of Bpeaceland.

@Bpeace: Working with Afghan Fast Runners

"Bpeace has a mission statement that really resounds with me. Plus, pro bono consulting gives me a chance to learn new skills regarding the nonprofit sector and  how to run lean on a project."

@Bpeace: Traveling to Guatemala to work with Industrias Ricks and MP Central

"As an independent consultant, I was looking for a way to apply my skills in a positive way between projects. Bpeace provides me with an avenue to use my knowledge to improve companies that don't normally have access to consultation--and are eager to learn!"


Click the links to learn more. If these are not your skills, who do you know who has them?
Process Improvement Expert for manufacturing / Travel to El Salvador

Sales and Marketing Experts for small businesses in Afghanistan / Virtual

Branding Expert  for full-service marketing agency in Guatemala / Virtual

Sales Strategy Expert  for digital agencies / Travel to El Salvador or virtual   
Business Growth Strategist for businesses in Guatemala / Travel  

Angela Scalpello (New York) launched a new consulting practice as a Strategy Activator. She trades on her 25 years of experience advising global CEOs and senior leadership teams as they drive change and transformation within their organizations. Her new website is here .

Kirsten Bunch (New Jersey) is tapping into the pent-up desires of people who want to involve themselves in issues they care deeply about. Kirsten's new ENGAGE program guides you in creating and executing a personal project with your goal in mind. Her new website is here.  
At the University of Southern California, Khatera Sahibzada, Ph.D., is now teaching graduate courses in Group Dynamics and Leadership, and Employee Selection and Assessment. She also has a global talent management consulting practice.

Congratulations to Maha Mamish (New York), who gave birth to a son, Renzo.    

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Lauren Hass 
Member & Donor Relations