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With so many  outstanding artists exhibiting their creations here at Black Belt Treasures,  we are always excited to rave about our artists and their work.  On Friday and Saturday, April 29 and 30, 2011, Black Belt Treasures will take the opportunity to RAVE about thirteen artists who have been selected as Alabama 's Black Belt  Treasured Artists. This acclaimed group of honorees was selected through a highly competitive process as there are over 350 artists represented by Black Belt Treasures today. An independent selection committee chose these honorees as the Black Belt Treasures' artists who best represent the spirit of the Black Belt region and have been recognized for excellence in their chosen art form with a consistent body of work.


RAVE weekend events will feature a gala reception on Friday evening from 6 p.m. -  8 p.m., and a festival on Saturday from 10 a.m. - 3 p.m. Tickets for the Friday evening event are available for purchase by contacting Black Belt Treasures at (334) 682-9878 or at day-long festival on Saturday will be free to the public and will feature artist demonstrations, music, and more. Both of these events will be held at Black Belt Treasures in historic downtown Camden, Alabama.The


Please join us during RAVE weekend  as we honor each of the artists selected as "Treasured" Artists.


RAVE events are being made possible by a grant from the Alabama State Council on the Arts and the National Endowment of the arts.





Alabama's Black Belt
Treasured   Artists  2011 


Mary Ward Brown             Perry County

Kathryn Tucker Windham     Dallas County

Burton Fuller                       Sumter County

James "Winky" Hicks            Clarke County

Johnna Bush                        Clarke County

Sharon Dozier                     Clarke County
Wendy Slaton                     Macon County 
Freedom Quilting Bee          Wilcox County
Allen Ham                           Dallas County
Sam Williams                      Monroe County
Charlie Lucas                       Dallas County
Andrew McCall                    Lowndes County
John Sheffey                       Dallas County



 Andrew McCall Named one of Alabama's Black Belt Treasured Artists 

Andrew McCall Andrew McCall, named one of Alabama's Black Belt Treasured artists, was like so many people during the 1980's that became burned out with his job.  But unlike others he saw this as an opportunity for a new beginning.  After pulling Spanish moss by the tons from trees in and around Lowndes County, Alabama, he met a distributor from Georgia that was selling grapevine wreaths.  The conversation they were having turned to "do you think you can make wreaths to sell" and a new career was started.  Each wreath Andrew created was made by hand and no two were alike.  Shortly after this time, he, his wife Etta and their children headed to Monroeville, Alabama, for an arts and crafts festival he entered.  They sold $250 worth of wreaths that day.

"I don't like mass production...handmade pieces are better" said Andrew. He tells an interesting story about his involvement with QVC some years ago when he had a onetime order for 800 baskets. "I thought I'd be glad but I didn't make much money because of their discount.  I worked night and day with several helpers. Eight hundred baskets took a long time to make. I hated it because they were all the same size.  I decided I'd never make another basket in my life."

Andrew went on to make another basket, hundreds of them, then wreaths, angels, birdhouses, crosses, churches, chairs, benches, tables and four poster beds.  His grandbaby said "Daddy, I need to spend some time with you," or, "Daddy, it's dark outside, you need to come in." According to Andrew, "I'm not a workaholic but when I'm at a show or down here (at his gallery) it don't make sense to have down time and just sit around.  It's a good way to attract people when I'm working."  He said, "that when I'm driving along the road my wife says to watch where I'm going.  I'll stop when I see a stick.  People have landmarks.  I see something and will go back later if I can't stop then."

Andrew observed other artists over the years.  He had an interest in willow furniture but said, "I know one thing God didn't want me to do and that was copy another man's product.  Now my pieces are constantly changing so I don't make the same piece twice."  The diversity in size, color or design of items in the gallery or at festivals is a quality that is important to him, as he says "that people won't stop if you only have one item to sell." No two pieces are alike even though the natural materials may be the same.  "My biggest inspiration is nature.  He says that most people "can do what I do but they are just in too big a hurry. I'm always thinking ahead on how I can make this better."

At Andrew's studio/gallery alongside the I-65 exit at Ft. Deposit, he keeps a photo album of an amazing array of his work.  Examples in the album allow interested collectors to request special orders, or on the spot purchase of items on hand.  A visit with Andrew gives one the sense they are with a philosopher, a preacher or teacher and a genuine artist. But most of all he is a person that appreciates his God given talent and his ability to create items from his supplier - nature herself.  Andrew praised Black Belt Treasures, located in Camden, Alabama, for showcasing his work, and that of other artists through its gallery and website.  Now, Black Belt Treasures has the opportunity to praise McCall, along with twelve other "treasured" artists, on April 29 and 30 in Camden at Black Belt Treasures Gallery.   


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