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February 22, 2017

From Krypton, to Metropolis, to your hometown,
Here at Black Cat Comics in rockin' Milpitas we know that there wouldn't be a comic shop in our little town, or any other town, if it weren't for a couple of guys named Jerry and Joe, and a character they created and called Superman. The release of Action comics #1, the 1st appearance of Superman, was the Big Bang that began the Golden Age of Comics, and the explosive popularity of the character launched an industry that survives and continues to grow. Every weekend in February we highlight specific comic publishers, their titles, characters, creators, and their contribution to our happy little lifestyle. This Saturday and Sunday, February 25th and 26th, we're putting the spotlight on DC Comics, the original Super Hero Universe. Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, Green Lantern, and so many others, have been entertaining men, women, boys and girls for generations, and with the launch of Rebirth, there seems to be no end in sight for the adventures of our favorite heroes. This weekend, all of their adventures can be yours for 25% OFF! Everything from DC Comics that isn't New This Week or already in your Sub Box will be on sale all day Saturday and Sunday, so if there is a comic, trade, toy or t-shirt that you have had your eye on, now is the time to pick it up! Been holding off on checking out a Rebirth title? Now's your chance! Been wanting a new Batman action figure for your desk? Now's your chance! Need to replace that old Justice League t-shirt? Now's your chance! There are tons of trade paperbacks from DC, and no one could have read all of them, so get in here this weekend and pick up something cool to read! This is the last of our publisher sales, so this is your last chance to get some great deals on great stuff! Don't miss out! And, of course, you don't have to wait until the weekend to pick up some excellent comics. It's Wednesday, so we have all kinds of new stuff from every publisher waiting for your eager little paws. Our suave and sophisticated staffers always have suggestions for you, if you need them. Here's what we're recommending this week...
Hot Books this Week  

Weekly Comics for the week of 2/22/17
Weekly Comics for the week of 2/22/17

Amazing Spider-Man #24 picks up right where the mind-blowing events of Clone Conspiracy #5 left off! If you have EVER been a fan of the web-headed wall-crawler, then now is the time to get back into the Spider-Verse! Peter is ready for the showdown with the Jackal. After everything the Jackal has put our hero through, will Spider-Man be able to survive the final battle? Will anyone step up to help, or will Peter have to save the world alone, again? Amazing Spider-Man is as good as it has been in a long, long time. Pick up as many recent issues as you can, and grab Clone Conspiracy #1-5. You'll be glad you did. - Causey
Batman has assembled one of the most interesting groups to become the new JLA in this all new DC Rebirth title. With artwork from Ivan Reis this series is in great hands, his artwork for the one shot issue looked fantastic. Steve Orlando's writing for the teams dynamic is hilarious, characters such as Lobo and Black Canary will need to adjust working on the same team. Justice League of America #1 comes out this Wednesday so be sure pick up a copy this week. - Anthony 
Can an immortal hide in the information age? In Greg Rucka's new book we meet "Andy" and her two compatriots. Immortals that have been fighting in wars for thousands of years. Keeping their immortality hidden has become harder in the modern age and now someone is tracking them. Can these solders for hire keep their secret hidden? Check out The Old Guard #1 on sale this Wednesday. And be sure come by this weekend for our DC sale. - Al
The badass vixen of the underworld is back. Elektra in all her semi-glory returns or should I say hides out? the Sin City of the World - Las Vegas. There's of course, some shady, weird deal happening in Vegas. Some blood sport thing that we really just get glimpses of. Then one customer gets a bit too friendly for Elektra and, well, you know, they pay the price. Elektra #1 is a quick, action packed read with beautiful art and ink by Juann Cabal, Atnonio Fabela and Marcio Menyz. It's definitely worth a read just to see how it all plays out. Enjoy! - Francie

Last Week's Top Sellers
 Weekly Comics for the week of 2/15/17
Weekly Comics for the week of 2/15/17

1.  Batman #17
Super Sons #1 
Justice League #15 
Batwoman Rebirth #1 
Walking Dead #164
Next Week's Hot Books  

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This weekend all things DC is on sale 25% off! Includes trades, comics, mugs, t-shirts, posters, action figures, statues and more! Excludes new this week merchandise, subscriptions, cannot be combined with other offers.

The Return of the PODCAST!

Each Sunday Causey, Marcus and Chris will talk about the latest and greatest in the world of comics. Make sure you check out this week's episode on Image and Dark Horse!

2017 Convention Schedule

Make sure you check out our news page on our website. We'll list all the major conventions in the area for 2017 as well as a link to the national comic book conventions and signings. Also - this is where we'll list our sales and special events for the year. So make sure you check out our news page and keep abreast of all the cool comic book happenings!  And hey, have a suggestion for us in 2017, we want to hear it! Shoot us an email and let us know!

Free Comic Book Day is Saturday, May 6

We're so excited to celebrate another Free Comic Book Day this year! Always the first Saturday in May this is a day when we all celebrate the wonderful comic book. It's a time to pick up something new if you're already a comic fan or its an introduction to comics as a medium for some. It's our national holiday as comic fans and a great way to strengthen and show your support for the industry. Stay tuned for news and updates on this epic annual event!

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