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March 08, 2017

To all the ladies in the house,
Here at Black Cat Comics in rockin' Milpitas we're celebrating Women's History Month by acknowledging and appreciating the many contributions to Comics made by women, from the birth of Comicbooks in the Platinum Age to today's Digital Age and beyond. Though Comics has always been a male dominated industry, talented women like Dorothy Woolfolk, DC's first woman editor, Barbara Hall, creator of the Golden Age Black Cat, longtime Marvel contributor Marie Severin, Vertigo mastermind Karen Berger, and so many, many more have used their skills and hard work to help make Comics everything it is today. If you don't have a dozen favorite female creators, then you should become familiar with the work of Ramona Fradon, Gail Simone, Ruth Roche, Louise Simonson, Ann Nocenti, Wendy Pini, Jill Thompson, Laura Allred, Amanda Conner, Rachel Dodson, or any of the hundreds of other excellent women who have worked or are currently working in your favorite four-color entertainment. And women have done much more than write and draw. Jenette Kahn, Bobbie Chase, Mary Jo Duffy, Diana Shutz and many others have been in the publishing offices keeping the creative machine in working order. It's extremely unfortunate how little acknowledgement and appreciation women have received from Comic fans through the years. Everyone knows the Jack Kirbys and the Jim Lees but not Rose O'neil, Ruth Atkinson or Lee Marrs. Like a lot of things in our world today, that needs to change right now. Whether you are a longtime reader, or a new fan just entering the world of Comics, we should all be more knowledgeable about the contributions made by women in Comics and in every other facet of our lives. Black Cat Comics wouldn't exist if not for our fabulous and fearless Francie Soito, who opened, owns, and operates your favorite friendly neighborhood Comicbook store. You may think her husband is the guy running things, but you would be very mistaken (he's cute, but doesn't know anything besides comicbooks and Star Wars J ). Black Cat is proud to be female owned, proud to have a large group of women customers, and is proud to support the books created by women writers, artists, editors and executives. It's the 21st Century, people. Let's look forward to a world that is gender blind, and let's bring attention to the women who are helping us get there. For more about women in Comics, here are some reading recommendations...
Hot Books this Week  

Weekly Comics for the week of 3/08/17
Weekly Comics for the week of 3/08/17

Laura Allred is the colorist on Silver surfer #9, and a great example of, not just a woman's contribution, but also of the colorist's contribution to comics. Pencilers and inkers get most of the credit and all the love when it comes to art in comics, but without the colorist, all of your comics would, obviously, be only black and white! Laura Allred definitely has a unique style that significantly adds to the coolness of the art, which, of course, adds to the coolness of the book overall. Laura has worked in comics for decades and we're big fans. Check out Silver Surfer, and pick up Madman from Image and Dark Horse for more of Laura's work. - Causey
Get your paws on this book you Damm Dirty humans!! Everything great about the Lanterns And everything great about Planet of the Apes is in this book. Hal Jordan, Sinestro, and The guardians all make an appearance. Once again a ring has found it's way to earth only to be discovered by Cornelius Cornelius in a Lantern suit is an awesome visual. How will he use this new found power? Why is Sinestro after this ring? And will Taylor make an appearance? Check out Planet of the Apes Green Lantern #2 to find out. - Al
Man-Thing returns with an all new miniseries written by R.L. Stine and with art by German Peralta. Goosebumps being one of my favorite books growing up I can't wait to see what Stine adds to this classic monster series. Not only are we getting an all new Man-thing story but R.L. Stine will be including an all new horror story to the back of this comic.   Man-Thing #1   comes out this week be sure to pick up this issue as I'm sure these will go fast. -Anthony 
If you were fortunate enough to be alive in the eighties and reading Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys you knew that kids could do anything. They were smart, resourceful and as brilliant as Sherlock Holmes. For me, Nancy Drew was one of the few strong female characters that could not only hold her own amongst her male counterparts but could outwit and outsmart them as well. I looked up to her and wanted to be smart, just like her. This week, Dynamite launches a new series, Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys #1 which harkens back to the original crime noir that I loved as a kid. The art is amazing and the storytelling is gripping. This is a page turner. If you're a fan of the Riverdale show and loved the Nancy Drew/Hardy Boys as a kid then give this one a whirl. You'll be happy you did! Enjoy! - Francie

Last Week's Top Sellers

1.  Batman #18
 Weekly Comics for the week of 3/1/17
Weekly Comics for the week of 3/1/17

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Celebrate Women in Comics!

Today is International Women's Day! You'll notice that we've put up these little signs around the store to highlight women creators in the industry. Make sure you check them out!
And we'll be continuing our Image Comics Planned Parenthood fundraiser all month long. For every dollar you add to the bucket Black Cat will match it! Together we can make a difference!!!

Emerald City Comic Con GOODIES!

We had so much fun at ECCC this year! We got to see Stan the Man Lee, Todd McFarlane, Robert Kirkman, Gail Simone, Ben Templesmith and so many more! Check out our photos on our Facebook page and come by to see all the amazing books we scored!!

Free Comic Book Day is Saturday, May 6

We're so excited to celebrate another Free Comic Book Day this year! Always the first Saturday in May this is a day when we all celebrate the wonderful comic book. It's a time to pick up something new if you're already a comic fan or its an introduction to comics as a medium for some. It's our national holiday as comic fans and a great way to strengthen and show your support for the industry. Stay tuned for news and updates on this epic annual event!

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