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March 22, 2017

Monsters Unleashed,
Here at Black Cat Comics in rockin' Milpitas we are remembering and celebrating the life, work, and unparalleled talent of Bernie Wrightson. In Comics, we are fortunate enough to enjoy the work of many amazingly talented people. Through each decade and era, writers and artists have left their mark and set themselves apart from the others, even in a field crowded with unbelievable talent. Among even the greatest of these upper echelon creators, Bernie Wrightson was considered a master. Bernie Wrightson was a true artist. Somehow to label him a comicbook artist does him a disservice by limiting the scope of his work. He was the kind of artist that people who study art try to become. He was the kind of artist that we were lucky to have working in our humble little hobby. His work is immediately recognizable for its detail, depth, mood and emotion. Most fans know of his work on Swamp Thing with the equally legendary Len Wein, and they know his adaption of Mary Shelley's Frankenstein. Wrightson did monsters. Wrightson did classic horror. But Bernie Wrightson handled horror in a unique way, forcing the reader to see their own souls reflected by the portrayal of his monsters. Wrightson's monsters made you realize how inhuman we, as people, could be. Wrightson showed us what we lacked in ourselves, by showing us what the monsters craved so badly. The pain, anguish, and sadness he was able to convey showed us the importance of the things in life we so easily take for granted. And Bernie Wrightson was, most importantly, a nice guy. Folks who achieve the level of greatness and popularity that Bernie enjoyed are not always gracious, but anyone that has met Bernie Wrightson would tell you it was a wonderful experience they won't forget. If you are not familiar with his work, you owe it to yourself to become better acquainted with this all-time great artist. If you are already a big fan, like we are, then you are painfully aware that we have lost an irreplaceable genius. We've got lots of New Comics this week, and all of them would be even better if they had each been drawn by Bernie Wrightson...
Hot Books this Week  

Weekly Comics for the week of 3/22/17
Weekly Comics for the week of 3/22/17

Iron Fist is Marvel's newest TV sensation, and Iron Fist #1 brings the K'un Lun hero back in his own ongoing title! Danny is feeling disconnected from the source of his power. His ancient city is all but destroyed and his Chi seems to be failing. Why is he breaking down, and how can he get the full strength of his power back? Writer Ed Brisson knows, but he's only going to tell you one issue at a time. Pick up Iron Fist #1, and grab the Marvel Epic collections of Iron Fist's early adventures from his first solo series, and the mega-classic Power Man and Iron Fist title. - Causey
With the sad passing of Bernie Wrightson this week, reviewing a horror comic seemed like the proper thing to do. Ray Fawkes is an incredible writer well suited to the horror genre. One Soul was the book that put Ray Fawkes on my radar. Music and cruelty are the theme of the first issue. I'm curious to see what he has in store for us. Underwinter #1 comes out this Wednesday be sure to check it out. -Al
Armed with the spear of destiny itself and the blood of both Jesus and Mary Magdalene, Magdalena has had all of the proper tools to defend the world from evil. In this series premiere Magdalena is wounded and Patience seeks out to find the next successor and train them to become the world's holy warrior in her place.  Image Comics has been doing a fantastic job will all of the new books they have been releasing and I can't wait read this title.  Magdalena #1  comes out this week so be sure to pick it up and with all Image number one books this is sure to go fast. - Anthony 
If you haven't been picking up Reborn by Mark Miller and Greg Capullo then you are really missing out. In a quick nutshell: we see the life of an average woman, going through the paces of life like all of us and then reaching old age and awaiting her just rewards. Except, that's not at all what happened. When she dies she wakes up into a world in battle. Light forces battling dark. She's their chosen hero, their proclaimed savior that will win the ultimate battle. But she can't take up the mantle of savior until she finds her long lost husband. In Reborn #5 we see her edge closer to finding her beloved, but there's still rough roads ahead. The art and splash pages are incredible. Make sure you pick up your copy today! - Enjoy! - Francie

Last Week's Top Sellers

Weekly Comics for the week of 3/15/17
Weekly Comics for the week of 3/15/17
Batman #19
All Star Batman #8 
Justice League #17 
Superman #19 
Amazing Spider-Man #25
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Weekly Podcast: Bernie Wrightson Tribute

This week the gang pays tribute the legend we lost, Bernie Wrightson.

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