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April 12, 2017

Hated and feared by those they've sworn to protect...
Here at Black Cat Comics in rockin' Milpitas we focus on having fun, and we try to be a source of fantasy and escapism just like the comicbooks we love. But sometimes events like the sabotage of X-Men Gold #1 by artist Ardian Syaf means we have a responsibility to speak up and speak out, even if we'd prefer to stay out of the conflict. For those that may not have heard, Syaf put politically charged messages in the artwork for last week's X-Men Gold #1, it got past the editors, and there has been considerable backlash against Marvel Comics as a result. Here at Black Cat Comics, our feelings on this matter are simple and clear: Comics are for EVERYONE, regardless of race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, political affiliation or any other personal characteristic. Further, no franchise in all of comics represents this message more than the X-Men. Since its inception, X-Men has been about sending a message of tolerance and acceptance of those who may be different. From Hank McCoy's big feet in X-Men #1, to Kurt Wagner's demon-like appearance in Giant Size X-Men #1, to the recent revelation of Bobby Drake's homosexuality, X-Men has always been a title that encouraged readers to see discrimination as a plague on humanity that needs to be expunged. So the see Syaf use this title, and fan-favorite Kitty Pryde, as a vehicle for hate speech seemed totally inexcusable to us. Comic shops have always been a place for the ostracized and marginalized. Comic shops are places where everyone can meet and gather without fear of reprisal. Black Cat Comics in rockin' Milpitas is a place where a person can make friends, and people like Ardian Syaf or anyone else with a message of division or separatism has no business here or anywhere else in Comics. Stan Lee knows we are all more similar than we are different, and he's always encouraged us to come together, not stand apart. We hope you agree that the only place for hate in Comics is at Legion of Doom Headquarters, not at the Marvel Bullpen or in your favorite friendly neighborhood comicbook store. Now back to the fun and good times of this week's New Comics...
Hot Books this Week  

Weekly Comics for the week of 4/12/17
Weekly Comics for the week of 4/12/17

Weapon X #1 is a must-have for any fan of Marvel, or Super Hero comics in general, simply because the creative team of Greg Pak and Greg Land can't be beat! Land is no stranger to X-Men comics, having done the art for Phoenix Endsong plus a plethora of other X-Titles, and Greg Pak wrote Planet Hulk, a Black Cat favorite, plus a ton of other great titles so we know he's got the chops to do a first rate X-Title. The Weapon X program is now in the business of eliminating its progeny. They're developing new agents to kill the old ones. See who they're going after, and see who's behind the scenes running the show, in this first issue of a new ongoing book. - Causey
The original X-Men team of Marvel Girl, Cyclops, Beast, Iceman and Angel come together after the events of IVX. With this young team of heroes Magneto joins Jean Grey to mentor and mold this group to be worthy of the X-Men name. In this issue the X-Men run into a classic villain the Juggernaut, will this group of rookies be able to take down this unstoppable beast? Marvels new X-Men series continues this week with   X-Men Blue #1   and   Weapon X #1   so be sure to check them out. - Anthony

Rose's life is about to change. She has to go from hiding out to being her worlds protector. Can she discover her connection to the magic in her world and bond with her very large cat Thorne (Rose and Thorne. I get it!) before her adversaries find her. Check out Rose's story in Rose #1 on sale this Wednesday, -Al
Neil Gaiman is back in comic form with American Gods. This issue picks up where we left off with Shadow getting to know his new mysterious employer Mr. Wednesday. Little clues fall out of the page like breadcrumbs leading you down to the witches house. You're not sure you want to know what's really going on but you can't stop yourself. This is a gritty and graphic portrayal of Gaiman's American Gods masterpiece. It is mesmerizing and captivating. If you like a good mythos story and aren't the squeamish type then pick up American Gods #2, on sale today! Enjoy! - Francie

Last Week's Top Sellers
 Weekly Comics for the week of 4/05/17
Weekly Comics for the week of 4/05/17

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