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May 31, 2017

Waging War for Womankind...
Here at Black Cat Comics in rockin' Milpitas, we're polishing our bracelets and tiaras because, after 75 long years, it's finally time to celebrate Wonder Woman, one of the greatest characters in all of Comics! Few Super Heroes have impacted the world like Wonder Woman. Consistently published ever since her first appearance in All Star Comics #8 back in 1941, Princess Diana of Themyscira has also been featured in newspaper strips, a classic live-action television show, and several animated incarnations. This week she'll star in her first major motion picture, and here in rockin' Milpitas we're getting in on the action by participating with DC Comics to host Wonder Woman Day on Saturday, June 3! Wonder Woman has been inspiring girls, boys, women and men to be champions of Truth for generations, and here's our chance to help you get everything you need to honor the Astonishing Amazon! Pick up Wonder Woman Annual #1 today for a perfect introduction to her current incarnation, catch the movie on Friday, and then get right back here to Black Cat Comics this Saturday because we're unloading all of our Wonder Woman merchandise at 25 % OFF! And don't think it's just a few dusty things lying around that we don't want anymore. This is Wonder Woman Day! We've brought in a ton of new merch just for this sale! Of course we want you to pick up Comics and trade paperbacks to read, enjoy, and pass around to your friends and family, but we also want you to make all of those awesomely Amazonian action figures, statues, t-shirts, games and other Themyscirian artifacts a part of your everyday life! And this isn't just a sale! We'll have lots of free, fun Wonder Woman items we'll be giving away to Amazons of all ages. Even if you come from Man's World! Join us in celebrating Wonder Woman Day, and bring a friend because there's more than enough fun for everyone!
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Weekly Comics for the week of 5/31/17
Weekly Comics for the week of 5/31/17

Wonder Woman's relationship with Superman and Batman is the subject of Wonder Woman Annual #1, a double-sized issue featuring two tales, one from the past and another from the present. Diana's initial encounter with them highlights the first story, then we see how their friendships have developed over the years in the second story. If you're already following the series, this one's a no-brainer. If you are not, then this issue will show you what you are missing. Pick up the two available tpb's of the current series, then catch up to last week's #23. For more of DC's titanic trio, pick up this week's Trinity Annual #1. - Causey
Jubilee has grown up and is leading her own group of misfits. In issue #1 we were introduced to her charges Quentin Quire, Bling, Morph and others. Of course not everyone gets along and a fight ensues. This new generation of students must learn to get along before can become a true team. But when Purifiers infiltrate the campus will these students be up to the challenge? It's great seeing the X-Men of my youth all grown up. Watching Jubilee deal with her child and her new group of students will be interesting . I'm looking forward to seeing what's in store for this group. Pick up Generation X #2 this Wednesday. And stop on by this Saturday for our big Wonder Woman sale! - Al
Our favorite time traveling mutant returns with an all new series this week. Cable is looking for a new threat that is messing with history, and he is the only one that can keep our timeline safe. Cable #1 starts in Arizona in 1874 and I can't wait to see how this western setting clashes with the futuristic mutant. Writer James Robinson teams up with artist Carlos Pacheco to bring us a crazy story with fantastic art. Be sure to check this issue out this week if you were a fan of X-Force or an X-Men fan. - Anthony 
There's quite possibly no better team-up then Batman, Wonder Woman and Superman. They are each unique in their histories, their upbringing, their personal lives, but their mission is the same: to be there and to save us when we need them the most. They are impossibly linked, forever entangling themselves to each other coming out victorious yet forever scarred by their mission. In Trinity #1 Annual we see just how tied together they are through this sacred bond they have created. They are willing to make the ultimate sacrifice, together, for their mission, their purpose and we are forever grateful. Enjoy! - Francie

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 Weekly Comics for the week of 5/24/17
Weekly Comics for the week of 5/24/17

Black Cat Comics Celebrates Wonder Woman Day, 6/2 - 6/3!

Here at Black Cat Comics we absolutely love the Amazonian Princess. She's tough and strong as any superhero, some would argue, tougher and stronger than most. She's fierce in her conviction and helped little girls aspire to be just as strong and formidable. We're celebrating her impact on comics and our culture with two separate events:
Friday, 6/2: Ladies Night starting at 6 p.m. at Black Cat Comics, we'll have some nibbles, chat about the Amazon and head off to the movie down the street at the Great Mall. To RSVP and reserve your ticket click here!
Ladies, w e have 3 tickets left!!

Note: Black Cat will be closed at 6 p.m. for Ladies Night on Friday, 6/2. 
Saturday, 6/3:  All day long we'll celebrate Wonder Woman with free coloring pages of the Princess, door prizes and 25% off all her merchandise. 
July 4
th Schedule

New books will be out on Thursday, 7/6 th the week of the July 4 th holiday.
Ladies Night Store Closure
Please remember that we'll be closing up the store on Friday, 6/2 at 6 p.m. for Ladies night. Sorry for the inconvenience!
  Black Cat Comics Grand Opening Pre-Comic-Con Comic-Con!
July 12th - July 16th

One of our favorite events is back! Black Cat Comics is busy getting ready for Pre-Comic-Con Comic-Con for all you fans that can't get San Diego Comic-Con tickets. Here at Black Cat Comics, we try to bring a little of the Con to you! We'll have panels, sales, podcast tapings, customer swap meets and more! Stay tuned on our website for details!!

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