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June 14, 2017

The best there is at what they do,
Whether you are Wolverine, the World Champion Golden State Warriors, or Black Cat Comics in rockin' Milpitas, being the best you are at what you do, very nice or not, might look like a lot of fun but it also takes hard work, practice, and the willingness to do whatever it takes! From Incredible Hulk #181 to this week's Old Man Logan #25, the Canuck with the claws has been giving everything he's got and then some. He's had his brain scrambled a million times, had the adamantium stripped off his bones and put back again, and still he keeps taking on guys like the Maestro. The Golden State Warriors have gone to the Championship for 3 years in a row, each time facing the same seemingly unbeatable opponent, and this year they came out Champions. It took outplaying every team they faced all season right up to the end, but they did it this year and they want to do it again next year. Here at Black Cat Comics in rockin' Milpitas, we've been working hard each and every week for almost fifteen years, not just on Wednesday when it's fun to see everyone picking up their favorite stuff, but every single day that ends in a "Y" so that we can be the very best Comicbook Shop that we can be. We've got things going day and night, weekdays and weekends so that you can get your paws on all things Super-Hero, and have some fun doing it. Here at the ol' brick and mortar we've got all the best new Comics and graphic novels, plus lots of super-cool Super-Hero merchandise from merch to dice, and we've even got extracurricular events like the upcoming Pre-Comic-Con Comic-Con! On the interwebs we've got a Youtube video, a podcast, a Facebook page, a website, and of course this nifty newsletter. We've been giving it all we've got for a decade and a half and, like the Warriors, we want to do it again next year and every year. And also like Wolverine and the Warriors, we wouldn't be here without you! Thanks for making us "Your one-stop shop for all things Super Hero!"
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Weekly Comics for the week of 6/14/17
Weekly Comics for the week of 6/14/17

Once again it's Iron Man Vs Captain America, but this time it's their old friend Hank Pym pulling the strings! Secret Empire #4 continues the latest major Marvel Comics event featuring everyone fighting everyone else to either save or destroy the whole Universe. AI Tony Stark is gathering fragments of the Cosmic Cube, but Hydra Captain America has the same idea. Hijinx ensue in the Merry Marvel manner until somehow this whole thing gets even uglier. If you haven't read Secret Empire #0-3, what are you waiting for? Do that, and then pick up this week's #4! - Causey
Cullen Bunn hooked me with issue #1. Regression had the right amount of horror and creepiness to make me come back for more. Adrian has been having frightening hallucinations. At the urging of a friend he undergoes regression therapy from a hypnotist. But in going back he may have brought something forward with him. In Issue #2 we discover what may have come Back with Adrian. It's definitely a creepy ride and Danny Luckert's art is horrifying in a good way. Be sure to pick up Regression #2 this Wednesday. - Al
Writers James Tynion and Scott Snyder team up to bring us the next major event for the DC Universe. Batman is hiding a secret that can threaten the multiverse and after the button crossover with the flash I cannot wait to see what this issue has in-store for us. With art from Andy Kubert, Jon Romita, and Jim Lee this issue is going to showcase some of DC's top tier artists. Dark Days the Forge #1 is out this week and this is one of the DC books you should check out this week. -Anthony 
Steve Niles returns with a new haunting tale in Winnebago Graveyard #1 out this week. We open on a creepy motel scene where a couple gets kidnapped and taken by occultists. Then we're catapulted onto another scene with a family vacationing out in the middle of nowhere. And straight out of a horror film, they decide to stop at an old, deserted carnival for laughs. Needless to say, they don't laugh for long. If you like classic horror movies you'll love this new read by Niles and Sampson. Enjoy! - Francie

Last Week's Top Sellers
 Weekly Comics for the week of 6/7/17
Weekly Comics for the week of 6/7/17

   Black Cat Comics Annual Pre-Comic-Con-Comic-Con!
July 12th - July 16th
Folks, we know not everyone can make there way down to San Diego Comic-Con, the world's biggest and best comic book and pop culture convention. We've been going to Comic-Con for 21 years straight, counting this year. So we know a thing or two about the convention. Here at Black Cat, we like to bring a little of the convention to you with an exciting week of events, sales, and more! Check our website often as we'll add new events as they get confirmed.
Here's what we have planned so far ....
Wednesday: 7/12: 6:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m: Exclusive Preview Night for Subscribers and their guest only*. Preview Night Sale: spend $50 get 50% off ANYTHING in the store, any combination of any items^
Thursday: 7/13: 6 p.m. - 8 p.m.: Live Podcast Taping! Listen in to our weekly podcast, ask questions and join the discussion!
Friday: 7/14: 7:30 p.m. - 10:30 p.m.: Movie Night!
Saturday: 7/15 12 p.m. - 4p.m.: Artist Alley! Come check out local artists and writers as they showcase their latest material
Sunday: 7/16: 12 p.m. - 4 p.m.:  Customer Swap Meet. Back by popular demand - our Customer Swap Meet returns! Bring comic-related stuff you want to trade with each other. We'll have tables setup for you to showcase your wares. This should be fun and a great way to share some of your stuff. And stick around for the Sunday Sale: 75% of back issues all day long^!
* You must be a subscriber in order to get in! Limit one guest per subscriber.
^ excludes new this week's & subscription books, cannot be combined with any other offer 

Stay tuned on our website for details!!

Milpitas Food Pantry - Still Taking Donations!

Folks, we still have the Milpitas Food Pantry barrel at our store, so please come on down and donate any non-perishable food or monetary donations with us at the counter. Let's show them what superheroes really do! 

July 4
th Schedule

Due to the July 4 th holiday, new books will be out on Thursday, 7/6 th instead of Wednesday, 7/5. Black Cat Comics will be closed on Tuesday, 7/4 in observance of the holiday.
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