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July 19, 2017

And Now...The Main Event!
Black Cat Comics in rockin' Milpitas thanks each and every one of you for coming out to enjoy one or all of the events during the Black Cat Comics' Rockin' Pre-Comic-Con Comic-Con last week! From the hugely popular VIP Preview Night on Wednesday to our biggest and bestest Super Hero Swap Meet yet on Sunday afternoon, each day's events and sales were successful and a whole lot of fun. We hope you took advantage of some of our biggest sales of the whole year, like the 50% OFF everything sale or the 75% OFF Back Issues sale, to score some great readables, and we hope you had even more fun at our swingin' soirees than we did. But even though we just wrapped up a whole week of fun and excitement, and managed to get all of our New Comics on the shelves and in your Sub Boxes on time for this week, we've still got "atomic batteries to power and turbines to speed" because Black Cat Comics is going to San Diego Comic-Con! We'll be there from Preview Night on Wednesday until they call the cops to kick us out on Sunday night! We'll be talking to Publishers about upcoming projects, we'll be scheduling creators for signings in the shop, we'll be checking out as many panel discussion presentations as we can get into, and, of course, we'll be scoring all kinds of SDCC Exclusives and Vintage Comics to bring back for you to take home and love forever! Stay tuned to the Black Cat Comics Facebook Page for live video updates from the show, and make sure you're first in line when we open next week to get 1st dibs on our haul from San Diego! And if you aren't going to San diego Comic-Con don't worry, we've left some Black Cat Staff behind to take care of the shop while we're gone, so you can still get your New Comics! 
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Weekly Comics for the week of 7/19/17
Weekly Comics for the week of 7/19/17

Writer Charles Soule and artist Jim Cheung team up on this new X-Men series, with this great team up we can expect this book to be fantastic. Psylocke, Bishop, Archangel, and other classic mutants team up in this series to find out what is attacking some of the world's strongest minds. In this first issue Psylocke will succumb to whatever evil is attacking minds and it's up to her team to help her and track down the source of this attack.  Astonishing X-Men #1 is out this week and be sure to check out the other X-Men titles if you haven't been keeping up with them. - Anthony 
I'm a sucker for a good Kurt Sutter story. I was a big fan of S.O.A. so anything by Sutter gets my attention. By day the Sisters run a woman's shelter and by night they dole out vengeance dressed as nuns. Not since Father Guido Sarducci have I been excited about a religious figure. Co-written by Courtney Almeida Sisters Of Sorrow is an interesting take on dealing with domestic violence. I'm curious to see where and how far they take the violence. Kurt Sutter never shies away from graphic violence. Looking forward to up coming issues.  Sisters of Sorrow #1 is out this Wednesday be sure to check it out. - Al
It's getting even worse in Secret Empire #6! The latest Marvel event seems to be bringing down the entire Marvel Universe! After the stunning reveals of the last issue, it seems like things can't go any lower for our heroes. As Captain America prepares his ultimate weapon, his former allies prepare to make their final stand against the forces of Hydra. Can Tony Stark fix his friend Steve and avert the final disaster, or has the world's greatest hero already lost the fight against his oldest foe? Who is the traitor hiding among the heroes? On the last page, you'll wonder how there could still be four issues left! Don't miss the latest issue of the title everyone is talking about! - Causey
Bettie Page #1 isn't what you think. Sure, she's a pinup - the classic bombshell. But this isn't about her looks or men's fascination with her. She's got a story, something beyond what we see in the photos. Who is this kick-ass, take charge gal that has the Feds on her tail? Why is she kidnapped for some scientific occult experiment and who exactly who is her new patron? This is a great noir '50s book with crime, intrigue and great art. Pick up your copy today and enjoy! - Francie
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 Weekly Comics for the week of 7/12/17
Weekly Comics for the week of 7/12/17

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 Thanks for joining us for our
Black Cat Comics Rockin' Pre-Comic-Con Comic-Con!
In case you missed it, feel free to check out our panel discussions. Thanks again for your continued support for Black Cat Comics Pre-Comic-Con Comic-Con!

Live Podcast Taping
Live Podcast Taping
Superheroes Unleashed and Our Need to Be Saved
Superheroes Unleashed and Our Need to Be Saved
Getting into Comics 101
Getting into Comics 101
Silver Age Collecting
Silver Age Collecting
Staff Outing 7/31: Store Closing Early

Hey Folks: we will be closing early on
Monday, 7/31 at 5 p.m. for a staff appreciation day. We wouldn't be Black Cat without Anthony and Al so we're treating them to an evening at the ballpark. Please join us in thanking them for all their hard work!  
Black Cat Turns 15!

Cats, on August 1, 2017 Black Cat will turn 15! We can't thank you enough for all your support over the years. This anniversary is shared with each and every one of you. Thank you for being a part of the Black Cat Family! We'll be serving cake and champagne on Tuesday, 8/1 starting at 6 p.m. and will have an all day 15% off store-wide sale. Come by and celebrate with us! Here's to another 15 more!

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