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July 26, 2017

Don't judge a book by its movie!
Black Cat Comics in rockin' Milpitas has survived another San Diego Comic-Con, and we've returned with tales of glory, an unbelievably incredible stash of Comics both vintage and exclusive to SDCC '17, big news from publishers and creators, and really, really sore feet! We hit the ground running last Wednesday on Preview Night, and we didn't stop until they locked us out on Sunday night. We scored as many awesome comics as we could carry, we hit as many panels as we could get into, we attended the prestigious Eisner Awards, and we stopped by as many booths and tables as we could to visit with all of our favorite industry professionals. We hope you made it to the world's most exclusive pop culture phenomenon this year, and we hope you somehow had even more fun than we did. If you didn't make it this year, we hope you enjoyed the pictures and video updates that we posted to our Facebook page. We tried to capture as much of the show as we could, from cosplayers to comic celebrities, so you could feel a little bit like you were there! And, of course, we brought back all kinds of goodies from the show so you can take a little piece of the Con, or a piece of Comics History, home with you to love forever and ever. Make sure you check our back wall next time you're here to see the most amazing bunch of Comics we've ever had! If you want to go next year, get on their website today and start jumping through the hoops to get a ticket! Everyone who loves comics, toys, video games, TV, or movies (and isn't that just about anybody?) should do their best to make it to San Diego Comic-Con at least once. It is truly a unique experience.
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Weekly Comics for the week of 7/26/17
Weekly Comics for the week of 7/26/17

Emma Frost has always been one to look for opportunities, and make the most of them. She used to be after Kitty Pryde, but at some point she became attracted to original X-Man Scott Summers. That didn't work out so great, but Emma gets another chance with a new, younger, more impressionable Cyclops in X-Men Blue #8. The White Queen has been both friend and foe to the X-Men over the years. Why does she want to beat Hydra, and how do the time-displaced X-Men fit into her plan? If you haven't been reading X-Men Blue already, this is the Secret Empire tie-in you need to read this week! - Causey
Boom Studios brings us an all new Power Ranger series this week, this first story arc will give us the season one team of the power rangers right after they receive their powers. Writer Ryan Parrott and artist Dan Mora give us a fantastic first issue and Mora's artwork really shines in this issue. This series will focus on the struggles of being in high school while being a superhero and the classic aliens for the Rangers to fight.  Go Go Power Rangers #1  is out this week so if you are reading the Mighty Morphin book or enjoyed the movies and TV show this is a series you don't want to miss. - Anthony  
Doom Patrol #7 is a great jumping on point for new readers. Niles Cauldron (The Chief) is back and as always The Chief has an agenda. Will this newly formed Doom Patrol follow The Chief or will they go their own way. Gerard Way has been great at keeping things weird and surprising. The first story arc was pure Doom Patrol strangeness. Mike Allred is the guest  artist for issue #7. His funky 60's style fits this book perfectly. Can't wait to see his interpretation of the Doom Patrol. If you're a fan of the odd and strange be sure to pick up  Doom Patrol #7  this Wednesday  and be sure to check out all the cool books the bosses brought back from San Diego.  - Al
I love a good horror story. Throw in some creepy monsters, ghosts and bloodsuckers and I'm all in. This week's Spawn #276 starts a new story arc called 'Dark Horror' that harkens back to Steve Niles' 30 Days of Night with similar tone and graphic content. The story takes place in Tokyo where we see Cyan, Terry and Al's wife's daughter, encountering horrific scenes of a ghost girl that's leading her to ... something. Enter Uncle Al who swoops in to save the day, or does he? Pick up this week's new story arc and enjoy! - Francie

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 Weekly Comics for the week of 7/19/17
Weekly Comics for the week of 7/19/17

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Staff Outing 7/31: Store Closing Early

Hey Folks: we will be closing early on
Monday, 7/31 at 5 p.m. for a staff appreciation day. We wouldn't be Black Cat without Anthony and Al so we're treating them to an evening at the ballpark. Please join us in thanking them for all their hard work!  
Black Cat Turns 15!

Cats, on August 1, 2017 Black Cat will turn 15! We can't thank you enough for all your support over the years. This anniversary is shared with each and every one of you. Thank you for being a part of the Black Cat Family! We'll be serving cake and champagne on Tuesday, 8/1 starting at 6 p.m. and will have an all day 15% off store-wide sale. Come by and celebrate with us! Here's to another 15 more!

 Thanks for joining us for our
Black Cat Comics Rockin' Pre-Comic-Con Comic-Con!
In case you missed it, feel free to check out our panel discussions. Thanks again for your continued support for Black Cat Comics Pre-Comic-Con Comic-Con!

Live Podcast Taping
Live Podcast Taping
Superheroes Unleashed and Our Need to Be Saved
Superheroes Unleashed and Our Need to Be Saved
Getting into Comics 101
Getting into Comics 101
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Silver Age Collecting
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