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August 09, 2017

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Black Cat Comics in rockin' Milpitas knows that there are all kinds of Comics for all kinds of Comic Collectors. We know that everyone who walks in our door is an individual, who is looking for something that satisfies their individual reason for being in a Comicbook store. Maybe they are looking for the latest issue of the hottest title, like Secret Empire #8, maybe they're looking for a vintage classic like Uncanny X-Men #137, the death of the Phoenix, which sits proudly on our back wall, maybe they're looking for that super-rare and expensive variant, or maybe they're just getting into Comics and they don't know what they're looking for! And, of course, most folks are a combination of many of these kinds of fans. Whatever type of four-color aficionado you may be, we're working hard to have whatever you may need in stock right now right here in rockin' Milpitas! This year we've been putting some extra effort, and some extra dollars, toward expanding our inventory! We've been acquiring collections of vintage and more recent comics so we can have more titles, more genres, and more eras available to you all the time! We've been putting together Black Cat Packs from both classic and recent series like the original Crisis on Infinite Earths and the New 52 runs of Batman and Justice League! Also, we've been expanding our stock of trade paperbacks from Marvel, DC, Image and all the different publishers! PLUS, we've also ordered more of the jackets, shirts, and Super Hero wallets, magnets, and other stuff you love so much! Next time you are in the shop, make sure you take a good look through all the racks and displays so you don't miss a single one of the many, many new items we've recently brought in just for you! And, of course, we're going to keep on doing all the other things we've always done to be your favorite friendly neighborhood Comicbook shop! It's another New Releases Wednesday, so here's what we've got waiting for you in your Sub Box or on the shelves...
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Weekly Comics for the week of 8/09/17
Weekly Comics for the week of 8/09/17

How could I review anything besides Captain America #25?! This is the one we've been waiting for since the last page of Steve Rogers #1, when our hero uttered the words that turned him into our villain! In this issue it's Sam Vs Steve! Cap Vs Cap! Avenger Vs Avenger! Old friend Vs old friend in a battle for the very soul of the Marvel Universe! Sam has earned the mantle of Captain America, and he knows that his best friend has turned his back on everything that the name represents! Steve believes that the only way to peace is over his friend's dead body, and he's willing to make that happen. See Marvel History made this week, and don't forget to pick up Secret Empire #8! - Causey
There's been a good amount of horror comics coming out lately and I for one am happy about that. Nothing like a creepy book late at night. Redlands is the newest comic from Image and it looks to be a good book. The police in Redlands, Florida have lost control of the town and the local coven of witches is ready to take over. Jordie Bellaire drops us right in the middle of the action and gives us small town Southern Gothic horror at its best If you're horror fan be sure to check out Redlands #1 this Wednesday - Al
Task Force X has been sent to Gotham City to take down Killer Frost, now that she is part of Batman's Justice League will this mean that the Suicide Squad will have to fight the whole team to get to Frost? After the events of Justice League VS Suicide Squad Amanda Waller has created a "Joseph Protocol" that contains weaknesses and data on each Meta human she has encountered. Killer Frost will be the first test run on this protocol and if it succeeds who knows who Amanda will target next.  Suicide Squad #23  is out this week so be sure to check it out. - Anthony 
One of my favorite Kirby creations is the Mister Miracle, Darkseid and the High Father universe of characters and stories. There are few storylines as gripping and mythological as Mister Miracle. Raised by his father's enemy, imprisoned in the fiery pits of Apokolips he spent his lifetime learning how to escape the grips of Granny and Darkseid. This new tale written by the ever so talented Tom King and drawn by Mitch Gerads, shows a new side of Scott. He's fraying, something's not right. Is he hallucinating or are all the events around him real? No time to find out as Darkseid just unleashed a new horror that will change history forever. Pick up this gripping Mister Miracle #1 today and enjoy! - Francie

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 Weekly Comics for the week of 8/2/17
Weekly Comics for the week of 8/2/17

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New Collections Abound!

We just acquired 3 new collections that we're busy going through. Come by and check out what we have in store! There are some sweet gems like this Harley #1! We'll be putting new stuff out each week!

Harley Takes over Batman Day - 9/23

The beloved Harlequinn will be turning 25 this year! And in typical Harley fashion she will be taking over Batman Day which is scheduled for 9/23 this year. We'll have fun giveaways, prizes, coloring pages and more! 15% off all things Harley on 9/23 only!*

*excludes new this week, subscriptions, can't be combined with other offers

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