Major Tonya S. Dedrick

Tonya Dedrick is a 27 year veteran of the DeKalb County Police Department. She holds the rank of Major and is currently Commander of DeKalb County's East Precinct located in Lithonia, Georgia. During her tenure, her assignments and positions include assistant chief, chief of staff, academy director, commander, assistant commander and detective in various divisions and units within the police department. 

Major Dedrick's career path has afforded her the opportunity to gain a wealth of law enforcement knowledge, tactical training, apply management experience, good communication and strong interpersonal skills to progress in the area of police administration and operation. 

She started her police career as a uniformed patrol officer and worked to explore many other areas with the police department's Criminal Investigation Division. Her investigative experience includes Youth and Sex Crimes, General Theft, Burglary, Auto Theft and Pre -Employment background investigations. As the height of like crimes rises in Atlanta and around the country, Lisa will talk to the Major about the perpetrators and possible profiling that could contribute to the contentious exchanges depicted before us on the daily news.

In 1999, she was promoted to sergeant and assigned to supervise uniformed patrol officers. In June of 2000, she was selected to become the Commander of the Background and Recruiting Unit. As a sergeant, she led a successful unit in recruitment and hiring. In 2004, she was promoted to Lieutenant and remained as the Commander of the Background and Recruiting Unit. In February of 2007, she was promoted to the rank of Captain and selected as chief of staff. As Chief of Staff, she worked directly for the chief of police, providing her assistance in the daily operation of the police department. She was promoted to assistant chief and served in that position with the chief of police at that time. Now a Major in Georgia's third largest county Tonya stops by Game Changers with Lisa Faulkner to share some insight from the Blue - committed to protect and serve.
Robert Mullins
Retired Master Sergeant Robert (Moon) Mullins originally from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania now residing in College Park, Georgia has served his country honorably during the Vietnam War and other military assignments, worked in Corporate America with Dobbs International Services, and is now retired. Mr. Mullins believes that "service is the truest form of patriotism" and that an individual should "sacrifice himself to become the person they aspire to be". He has a proactive approach to motivating people no matter age or gender.  In particular, he works with Senior Citizens regarding physical fitness and nutrition. Lisa will open the Mic to Mr. Mullins to get a concerned citizen's thoughts on the climate of the country and how we as individuals can help to change the dynamics.

Mr. Mullins also works with retired veterans, assisting with their rehabilitation requirements. He is also passionate about Americans exercising, not only their right to vote but also working towards understanding clearly the perimeters of law enforcement and their individual rights. In that light he desires that we as a Nation "not only understand our history, but that we understand and appreciate the sacrifices which were made to allow us to enjoy the freedoms we have today". Mr. Mullins is truly a voice of the people we know you will appreciate.
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Dr. Dee Greathouse
"Daughter of Destiny", is what God calls this dynamic Woman of God. "My life is anything but normal, when the Father and the Son are at the helm of it and my "Best Friend", the Holy Spirit is guiding me every step of the way". Yet before this life altering discovery her life as a vessel of God had begun unfolding. Today it has unfolded into a miracle healing and life she now pours into the masses. She is a mentor and coach to countless; an author with one of a kind insight into penning thought provoking material that makes readers leave truly healed. Dr. Greathouse is also the mastermind behind Sankofa Media - making digital footprints for God. 

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Reginald Winfrey, Esq.

An attorney for 22 years and a graduate of Emory Law School, Esquire Winfrey has worked for the
U.S. Army JAG Corps and taught law school at John Marshall Law School in Atlanta. As an Instructor of Criminal Procedure, Criminal Trial Advocacy, and Legal Research and Writing Esquire Winfrey enhanced students' education with his knowledge and his many notable trial experiences.

As a trial attorney Esquire Winfrey handles criminal cases with confidence that places him among legal game changers unafraid to try cases and unlike most who opt to settle them. In fact he says, "I, on the other hand, thoroughly enjoy trying cases."

Attorney Winfrey's specialty is drug cases (ie, marijuana, cocaine, methamphetamine, etc.). He represents both the users and the sellers. He says, "I enjoy drug cases because it is an area fraught with police misconduct. I try to expose poor police work whenever possible in hopes that the police will endeavor to do a better job in investigating their cases."

He handles cases throughout the entire State
of Georgia with a base office in Conyers, GA. Attorney Winfrey practices law with his wife, Attorney Earnelle Winfrey at the The Law Practice of Earnelle P. Winfrey, P.C. 



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