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16 Years of Education Through Film
Black Power Women of Brixton. Besouro
Art by Harmonia Rosales
This image inverts the Eurocentric  male perspective (in this case Michaelangelo's Creation of Adam from the Sistine chapel 1509 ) common in mainstream portrayals of heaven, God and angels. There will be a whole day of such 'inversion' on Saturday 17th June 2pm  when we host four films looking at Afro- futurism, women, spirituality and media.  Part of our Sisters in Science Fiction season and African Odysseys at the British Film Institute, Southbank. Tickets HERE

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In this  issue:
James Baldwin Course repeated again !
First Caribbean female director Euzhan Palcy 
Sisters in Science Fiction: Black Women as Goddesses
Walks in Trafalgar Square, St Paul's, Soho
Black Presence in the National Gallery
Unbound: Black Women film season
Black Power Women of Brixton walk
Planet of the Apes and Dr Strange Movie Breakdown
Besouro, African martial arts movie at BFI
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The first two courses at the Black Cultural Archives sold out so we have arranged further dates for The Amazing James Baldwin  at the legendary New Beacon books in North London.Seven spaces left. 

The classic Black Shack Alley  plus Q&A 
Saturday 10th June 2pm  
Part of African Odysseys @BFI  Tickets here

The Martinique-born director, Euzhan Palcy, was just 25 years old when she directed this influential adaptation of Joseph Zobel’s, Black Shack Alley. Set in Martinique in 1930, Black Shack Alley (also known as Sugar Cane Alley) tells the story of a grandmother’s battle for her orphaned, eleven-year-old grandson Jose to receive a good education and escape a life toiling in the fields.  When Jose wins a scholarship, she is ready to sacrifice everything for his chance at a new life.

Afro-futurism, Spirituality, Women and Media : Black Women as Goddesses
Four short films followed by Q&A with producers and directors
Saturday 17th June 2-6pm  @bfisouthbank tickets HERE

Part of our Sisters in Science Fiction season. A whole day of short films about Black women in Afro-futurist films plus Q & A with directors, activists and authors on heroic women on screen. Films include:
Cable. A lone Black female astronaut fights the alien takeover of her world
Ori Inu.  a young New Yorker confronts her Christian family with Brazilian Candomble. 
Summer of Gods. , a beautiful little Brazilian girl undergoes rights of passage which link her to African Goddesses 
Rise of the O . A black female superhero series which draws on West African Orishas

NB. Six out of seven of our last events here have sold out in advance. Please do not expect to turn up on the day and get a seat.

Unbound : The Black Feminine re-imagined
a season of  16 films by and about  Black women @bfisouthbank. From 70's Classics to Beyonce and Solange. 
The classic Daughters of the Dust film by Julie Dash  will be remastered and re-issued for the big screen
Full programme HERE

Sunday 18th June 12pm.  Click image above to book

From the margins to the centre. From objects and subjects of economic capital ;to creators and definers of cultural capital. Our African focused tour of the National Gallery reveals the many and varied Black presences to be found in the paintings and works on display from 1500's to 1900's. The tour looks at why they are there, what they meant in their time and what they mean to us today. We will cover:

  • African Kings and Queens.  The Moor’s head
  • Musicians and Entertainers.  Faces in a crowd. Artists

Above: Professor Scott Solomon with students from University of South Florida 

Black History Walks in London .Click image above for full details
Trafalgar Square Sunday 25th June 11am
St Paul's/Bank Sunday 25th June 2pm
Secrets of Soho Saturday 24th June 11am

Book  via 
As seen on BBC/Channel 4/CNN. Voted Top Ten walks in London by the Guardian
Private bookings available for students, staff associations, Saturday schools, pram posses and youth groups

'“I signed up to bring a group of visiting German students on a Black History Walk, and we all enjoyed the walk and learned a lot. The guide kept us all really engaged and provided a nice mix of distant and recent history." Dr Jeff Bowersox, Lecturer in Modern Germany History, University College London

Black Power Women of Brixton Walk
Sunday 25th June 11am.  Click image above to book

Black people in Britain fought for civil/equal rights as hard as their American counterparts. The role of women in this struggle has been severely marginalised. This tour will show the life, times, and activities of numerous African/Caribbean women in Brixton. From the 1950's to the 1980's Black women supported and led the anti-racist fight in housing, education, employment, media and politics. We will cover:
  • Black Panther Women
  • How the British school system made Black children 'Educationally Sub Normal'
  • The revolutionary Olive Morris and the fight for decent housing 
  • The legendary Claudia Jones ,1950's newspaper publisher and campaigner
  • How Dame Jocelyn Barrow smashed the job colour bar 
  • The Organisation of Women of Asian and African descent. What they did and why
  • The incredible Gloria Cameron and the Race Relations Act
  • The Sus law, Mavis Best and the Black women who abolished it

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Planet of the Apes movie breakdown
Fridays 23rd and 30th June 6-8.30pm
Kings Cross area, more info and tickets HERE

The blockbusting 'Planet of the Apes' series of films/tv series have many elements which parallel human and civil rights struggles all over the world. Many viewers have consumed these movies and, like the Matrix, not been aware of the coded messages and specific black history references in these films. Over these two sessions 23rd and 30th June, we will analyse and demonstrate;the double meaning in specific scenes, unveil the hidden agendas, show political quotes from the writers,actors and directors and show the black history references that are in plain sight. We will cover:

  • McCarthyism, Trumbo and Trump
  • Rise of the Planet of the Apes (2011)
  • Dawn of the Planet of the Apes (2014)
  • Rod Serling, Zanuck and 1968 America
  • The original 1970's Apes movies, comics and TV series
  • The River Kwai connection
  • The Arms Race and Race Wars. Watts rebellion 1965
  • Sneak preview of some of the themes in the new War for the Planet of the apes film. The 'Uncle Tom' Gorilla etc

10 Years of African Odysseys celebratory double bill, the most requested film in our 10 year history 
Besouro PLUS Boy 23 on Sat July 15 HERE

Dr Strange movie breakdown 14 and 21st July HERE

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