Working to make Missouri a better place for children and families. 

Last Wednesday, a colleague gave me a thick stack of
paper that was the House investigative report of Eric Greitens.

After carrying it to my office, I felt like I needed to wash my hands.

Today, I read that Republican donors are threatening to pull funding from legislators who do not stand behind Eric Greitens.

That is unacceptable. Donors to my campaign should know that I would rather turn down money than accept funding that is conditioned on changing my votes or on support for a particular person.

Which is why I am happy to share with you It Starts Today , an organization dedicated to electing more Democrats in Missouri. With a contribution of less than $2.50 per month, you can provide support to every Democratic House and Senate candidate in the Missouri general election. I have signed up, and I hope you will too.
My campaign's success depends on donors who give out of their pocketbook, not on wealthy corporations. Support my campaign and make a donation today !
Sarah Unsicker for State Representative
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