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Ugh, breast cancer. Just hearing those words make me anxious. Fortunately, I have not had breast cancer and hope I never will. I wish the same for you. I think breast cancer is a fear that most women share and unfortunately, a lot of the sisters in the sisterhood have had it.
Thirty years ago, hearing the words "you have breast cancer," was a death sentence. Today, it's not the case. Thanks to medical advancements, the number of women dying from breast cancer has been decreasing every year since 1990. Read more...


ON THE BLOG: The latest SheTaxi posts 
by Jen Hjelle


Fall is here and I couldn't be happier. It is hands down, my favorite season.  The changing of the leaves, the cooler crisp air, and long lazy Sundays make me incredibly happy. I love Sundays in the fall. My husband becomes very preoccupied with football and I focus more on cooking.  Read more...

by Gaye Lindfors
Climax, Minnesota. Population 264. My hometown. It was a great place to grow up. It was a community of stoic Scandinavian farmers who cared about family, the land, church, education, and the weather. Farming was the way of life.  Read more...

Harvest your strengths

by Chris Deanovic


Have you harvested your strengths lately? Better yet, do you even know what your strengths are? Chances are you have not and don't, so read on to discover why you should. As a society we tend to focus on shortcomings. How often do we hear ourselves and others comment "I am not very good at ....." Read more...





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