Two Scholarships will be awarded for the upcoming fall 2016 school year.
Tom Sawyer is chairing the committee of judges that consist of one team member representing each location.  These team members will review the applications and essays and determine the two winners that will be announced at the Restored Lives Summit coming in April.

For further information please contact Tom Sawyer at


Welcome to 2016!  

I love to open up a fresh new page and begin with a renewed sense of energy and purpose at the turn of a calendar year.  For those that do not set New Year's resolutions, I would highly encourage it.   This is a great time to evaluate our physical, mental, spiritual, family, career, and financial goals.  
In the words of the late Zig Ziglar: 
"You were born to win! But in order to be the winner you were born to be, you've got to plan to win. You've got to prepare to win. And then, and only then, can you legitimately expect to win. Winning is not an accident. It's a result of a deliberate plan. A plan filled with encouragement and hope."
Coming off of the Christmas and New Year's holidays, I'm certainly encouraged by the remarkable Team Members we have at SRG!  The recent heroics of all of our first responder teams is nothing shy of noteworthy and it certainly does not go unnoticed.  When we mention "SERVE with Compassion" as a core value, it truly comes alive when sacrifices are made on the eve of Christmas and our Team Members respond to help water and fire victims in need.  
There is something special and unique about a tarping and board up crew working a 14 hour day, a water extraction crew working a job concluding at 2:00AM, or driving 120 miles to jump in a truck to drive another 100 miles to help another office inundated with water claims.  Or how about the estimator that wrote and uploaded 15 assignments on a long holiday weekend!?  Or a fellow estimator offering assistance even while finishing some last minute shopping with his family?  
And all of this on a holiday!!  I'm amazed, encouraged, and proud to be associated with such a dedicated, selfless group of Team Members that believes so deeply in the Purpose of SRG 
Lives. Repairing Property."
I certainly don't know all of these stories individually but I can about guarantee that there were several Lives Restored over these past few weeks. 
2015 was another exciting growth year for SRG and 2016 is looking even brighter!

New Year's blessings to you and your families!
Jeremy Swafford | CFO/Partner


Brandon Robinson, (SRG Columbus) - January 4
Katie Lutz,  (SRG Augusta)  - January 6
William Jiles,  (SRG Canton Structure) - January 10

Sam Foster,  (SRG Canton Structure)  - January 11
Barb Knox,  (SRG Canton Structure)  - January 13
Gretchen Whitman,  (SRG Columbus) - January 23

Ben Daniel,  (SRG Macon)  - January 28

TMS January Update:

Is it really already 2016? 

I am so excited for what the new year is going to bring SRG!
Thank you for your patience with our 2016 Benefit Enrollments. I hope that you found the process easier this year. If you have any questions about your enrollments, please reach out to me. SRG also has a dedicated Benefits Specialist with Northwestern Benefits. Amanda Morgan can be reached at 404-846-3126 or at She is a great resource!

Please log into ADP to verify your contact information including your address as well as your Federal and State Tax Withholdings. This information needs to be verified prior to SRG sending out 2015 W-2's.

Lindsey Roberson, Dir. of TMS

Chris Lutz,  (SRG Augusta)  - 3 Years
Cynthia Young,  (SRG CSC)  - 2 Years
Ronnie Barrow,  (SRG Macon)  - 1 Year
Tom Sawyer,  (SRG CSC)  - 1 year
Jake Neal,  (SRG Canton Structure)  - 2 Years
Jeremy Montroy,  (SRG Columbus)  - 2 Years
Mark Buckner,  (SRG Canton Mitigation)  - 2 Years
Randy Hartline,  (SRG Macon)  - 3 years
Jarrett Little,  (SRG Columbus)  - 1 Year
Josh Medlin,  (SRG Canton Mitigation)  - 2 Years
Chad Geist,  (SRG Canton Structure)  - 6 years


res·o·lu·tion ( rezəˈlo͞oSH(ə)n)  noun

a firm decision to do or not to do something.

We cringe at this time of year when people ask us what our New Years Resolutions are...we jump on the bandwagon and many times are left with feeling like we have failed because our heart really wasn't in it.

The definition holds the key to any worthy resolution with word FIRM.  I have decided that this year I will read 16 books.  I haven't just made the decision, but already have the first four books picked out and am halfway through the first one.  They are Einsteins Dreams, The Go-Giver, The Art of War and an Autobiography of Ansel Adams.  

Put a stamp on your resolutions and make it something you can achieve with a little stretching of your boundaries.  
Lose those pesky pounds
eat more naturally
exercise more
get more sleep
spend more time with family

whatever it is make a firm decision to have a resolution this year and put it in writing.

Good luck and Stay Well.


Happy New Year from SRG Canton! 

It is hard to believe that as I am writing this, it is 75 degrees outside at Christmas time. People are walking around in shorts and t-shirts, and the news is filled with stories of summer like storms. It was almost exactly two years ago that we experienced one of the coldest winters on record with the Polar Vortex. It was a catastrophic ice storm that devastated the southeast, and brought unprecedented claim volume to SRG. Georgia weather will certainly keep you guessing!
I want to extend a special thank you to all of our Board Up and Emergency Service teams who performed at the highest level over the Christmas holiday. They showed excellent teamwork, communication, and all served with compassion. I am sure that the same rang true at all SRG locations. Thanks to all who sacrificed your time over the holiday to help restore lives. You certainly made a difference.

Since the last Blues News On Location from Canton in July of 2015 we have added several new faces to the SRG family.

Kristina Buckner Customer Service Representative
Josh Veal Estimator
Chris Pruitt Project Manager
Sam Foster Project Manager
William Jiles Project Manager
Crystal Butler Team Coordinator
Bryan Nevins  - Assistant Production Manager

It is the start of a New Year for all of us, and along with that comes New Year's resolutions. In prior years, I did not set New Year's resolutions, but I have found that if I don't set a goal, I will not reach it exactly 100% of the time! I plan to make a resolution this year, and also to challenge my team for us to set some resolutions together to help us all succeed in our goals.
A couple of verses stuck out with me to share about resolutions:
Commit to the Lord whatever you do, and he will establish your plans 
May he give you the desire of your heart and make all your plans succeed 

I can be quick to devise my own plans sometimes and not always seek the Lord for guidance first. I am thankful to be a part of an organization that does seek the Lord first when making business decisions and works to be pleasing to the Lord in all that we do ( C323). The entire Leadership Team has been prayerfully focused on 2016 and I am excited to see what this next year has in store for SRG.

Gregg Harris, GM SRG Canton


"So, you want first place?  Then take last place. 
Be the servant of all. "  
                                        Mark 9:35

See me in the crowd?  I am about a thousand back and forty to the left.  J   I have run the Peachtree Road Race a half dozen times or so and have NEVER known anyone personally whose goal it was to WIN the race.  It was definitely not mine.  Why? Because for most of the people in the race, it was about how the race was run and not whether they finished near the top.  And, after all, when you finish you still get a t-shirt just like the winner. 
Over the holidays I witnessed and heard the stories of our many heroes and heroines that put their personal lives in last place in order to be a servant to the hundreds in need because of fire and flood.  Many of these worked over Christmas Eve and Christmas to make sure that others were served.  THAT  my friends is Love in ActionTHAT is called COMPASSION.
So, to all my SRG Heroes of the holidays,  I declare you First Place winners.  You have figured out HOW to run the race.  You put your life in LAST PLACE and by so doing have won the FIRST PLACE Prize!

God's best to you all and here's too MORE LIVES RESTORED in 2016!

 Tom Sawyer, Dir. of CX

Welcome to the New Year!!! 2016

As we are a few days into the New Year, I can't help but have great anticipation for the opportunities that are to come for us to serve.
The two major focuses for the Business Development and Marketing Department for 2016 will be:

Increase mitigation leads and relationship development with referral sources.



Increase large loss lead generation. 



With your continued support, we are confident that we will achieve this.
On another front...
It is my hope that we (the entire SRG Family) continue to use the many tools we have in our tool-kit:

SRG Website:  If you haven't done so already, please save it in your favorites on your mobile devices.


SRG Video: Please share and show it as often as the opportunity presents itself.  This would be a great time to view the video again and have a reminder of The SRG Way.  Click here for a direct link. 


Let's make it a great year!!!!

Josh McClure,  Dir. of Business Development


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