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Elbert County Schools
December 2016 Board Brief
Highlights of Presentation and Discussion Items

The following items were presented to the Board:

  • Finance Report –The General Fund Revenue for the month of November was $2,599,502. The General Fund Expenditures for the month of November were $2,109,841. The Cash Balance as of November 30, 2016 was $2,666,723. The projected fund balance for June 30, 2017 is $3,853,270.  SPLOST receipts for November were $155,643.
  •  Classified Employee of the Month-The Classified Employee of the Month is Ms. Renada Burton Pre-K Paraprofessional at PJBLC, and Burke Street Project Coordinator working with 65 of Elbert’s students afterschool. She was presented with a plaque of recognition for service.
  • Policies– An amendment to Policy JR-Student Records will be placed on the table along with a new policy JRA-Student Data Privacy Complaints for 30 days for public review and comment.
  • CCRPI-A power point presentation on the 2015-2016 CCRPI scores was presented by Superintendent Bell. The CCRPI combines state-mandated annual data into one number to measure and communicate how all public schools are doing. The index comprises three main factors adding up to 100 points: Achievement-50 points, Progress-40 points, and Achievement Gap-10 points. ECES scored 62.5 a 15.1% drop from 2015. ECMS 5th grade score was 67.6 a drop of 2%, ECES 6th-8th grade score was 70 with a 3% drop. ECCHS scored 63.8 with a drop of 7.4%. Superintendent Bell stated the District is focusing on doing the right work with specific areas to focus on.
  • PBIS-ECCHS Principal, Jason Kouns reported to the Board they were in the beginning process and PBIS is not working with fidelity, but believes it can with total buy in from the faculty. PBIS is a change of discipline and behavior where respect has played an important role. ECMS Principal, Jon Jarvis informed the Board that PBIS is about changing the culture and teaching the appropriate way to handle situations and building relationships with students. The first year ECMS discipline referrals dropped 40%. ECES Principal, Celina Brown reported they had achieved “operational Status” by implementing check and Connect/mentors; FORCE and CHAMPS programs, and different strategies to reduce bus discipline. The school counselor had been instrumental in handling reoccurring situations with students. The Board learned from Principal Rosa Harris, that PBIS gives teachers and staff the tools needed to teach behaviors that we want students to exhibit. ECPS implemented an opportunity Room that has helped students who may need a chance to “get themselves together”, talk with an adult, or role play behaviors that are more desirable. Bus issues continue to be a problem.
  • 2017/2018 School Calendar Options– Superintendent Bell presented the Board with three calendar options for 2017-2018. Calendar options will be placed on the Website for voting by stakeholders.   

Highlights of Action Items

The following items were approved:

  • Personnel -The Board approved two personnel resignations and five personnel recommendations.
  • BOE Meeting Dates– The Board approved the 2017 BOE Meeting Dates.