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BCSS Board Visits Statue of Liberty

At the January Board of Education Work Session, Lee Bane, STEAM Integration Coordinator, shared with board members a virtual reality expedition to the Statue of Liberty so they could get a taste of the experiences teachers are now able to provide for Barrow County School students.

In November, our STEAM program received its Google Expeditions Kit. Since then, the kit has been utilized in four elementary schools and one middle school. So far, over 40 expeditions have been taken creating over  1500 individualized student experiences. These Virtual Reality (VR) expeditions completely immerse our students in the standards they are studying. Some of our students have traveled back in time to witness moments long past by strolling through Salem Village in 1630, while others have landed on the beaches of Normandy on the days surrounding D-Day. We have students that have traveled far away to experience the natural geologic beauty of the Grand Canyon and some that have completed personal pilgrimages to places of faith all around the world. Through this technology, a number of our students have also explored inner space by taking expeditions through both the human digestive and respiratory systems. The Virtual Reality environment possible through the Google Expedition Kit is proving very engaging and intellectually stimulating experiences for both our students and teachers. There is already a waiting list well into January for schools requesting their turn with the Google Expeditions Kit. With over 400 free expeditions currently available in its ever-growing catalog, this resource looks to make a very substantial impact on learning that reaches both far and wide.

AHS Students Earn College Credits

The Career, Technical and Agricultural Education (CTAE) Department in Barrow County added a new pathway this year in our Law and Justice area. This pathway begins with Introduction to Law, Public Safety, Corrections and Security, followed by Criminal Justice Essentials and is finished with the Applications of Corrections class. The class concentrates on the rationale of sentencing offenders and the sentences they may receive. The course begins with the history of the Corrections system, but then focuses on modern-day probation, parole, specialty courts, rehabilitation programs as well as prisons and the design of those facilities. Apalachee High School was the first to offer this class to students.

The course is student focused and more project-based to increase student engagement and success. As part of the class students were taken to Phillips State Prison to tour the prison grounds and hear from guards as well as prisoners about "life behind bars." At the end of the course students are required to complete an end of pathway exam.

AHS teacher Dawnya Hill had 26 students who took the test and 24 of them passed. In addition to this, any student who made a 70 or better received a College Credit Recommendation Letter which could result in 3 semester credit hours. This is applicable for Associates and Baccalaureate degrees. "Fifteen out of the 26 received this letter. I am so very proud of all my students!"

Mall Day At Russell Middle

In December, the students in the Russell Middle School Family and Consumer Sciences class participated in Mall Day. The students designed a full business plan including business name, logo, slogan and products/services sold. A wide range of businesses were set up in the FCS lab which served as a shopping mall for the day. All connection classes were invited to come shop using the brand new Russell Dollar. Sellers and buyers learned valuable lessons on budgeting, comparison shopping, supply and demand, marketing and branding. It was a great day!
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