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August 13, 2014 
From Laura, the story on my plate

What's the story on your plate? Every plate of food tells a story, and the stories our meals tell motivated my husband and me to become owners, investors, and volunteers at the Hub City Co-op. On its best days, our plates tell the story of Renato, growing corn and melons on a beautiful local farm; of Rollie, who left a corporate career to raise lamb that's part of our Greek Christmas feast; of Chris and Ted and Robin, growing tasty fruits and vegetables our kids gobble up with zeal. Then there are the stories our plates tell on their worst days, when we're too busy to make intentional choices about food. Those plates speak of hogs that spread disease to the workers that tend them, of bland vegetables that logged thousands of transport miles to end up on our table, of parents in Toledo who turn on tap water to find it undrinkable because of algae blooms from fertilizer runoff.  


I know our community can have better stories on our plates with a Co-op, where business values emphasize people and the environment, as well as profits. Our family wants the plates of food that nourish us to tell the story of our values, and that's why we're working to build a business that aligns with them, right here in our own community, hand in hand with many others. Won't you join us, and tell a good story at dinner tonight? 

Wanted: You!
There's been a great outpouring of volunteers to help with the City Challenge Campaign! We are so appreciative of those that have stepped up to say "I helped open this store!" Still Needed: 
- 4 to address envelopes the week of Aug 18, 1 hour commitment. 
- 4 phone callers, week of Sept 8 and 15, 2 hour commitment. 
Email us now to volunteer! 
Save the Date! Launch Party

City Challenge Campaign Kickoff Celebration!

a fundraiser for the Hub City Co-op at ReFuel Wine Bar & Bistro downtown

Thursday, September 4, 2014 5:30 pm - 8:30 pm

Celebrity Bartenders Tim Meade, Co-op President & Sheila Cash, Treasurer

Tips & donations support the Co-op!

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