An Urgent Message from Executive Director Scott Wheeler:


"Operation Primary Challenge" begins TODAY!


On Tuesday's vote for Speaker of the House, 25 courageous conservatives stood up to the establishment leadership and voted against John Boehner. Now Boehner is punishing them for daring to oppose him. 


The day before, on Monday, we asked that you call your Republican representative to vote for Louis Gohmert. So many of you did that, that the establishment Republicans complained about their phone lines being jammed with conservatives wanting someone other than Boehner to be elected speaker.


Boehner won anyway and even some members who promised in their campaigns that they would not vote for Boehner did vote for him. Now it is time to hold as many as possible accountable!  



The reason many voted for Boehner who should have opposed him is MONEY! Plain and simple--Boehner can raise huge sums of campaign money for those who betray their principles and support the establishment. That is why they were willing to abandon principle.


The argument we made for electing a new speaker was based on Boehner being such in ineffective leader. As the most powerful Republican in Washington, he failed to make strong arguments for opposing Obama's radical agenda. In some cases he didn't even make an argument at all. There were an abundance of reasons for all Republicans, but especially conservatives, to oppose Boehner--but in Washington, money speaks louder than principle. That is why IF WE WANT TO CHANGE WASHINGTON WE MUST RAISE MONEY!!!


If we want to defeat them, it will take money. We are willing to stick our necks out if you are willing to jump in and help us finance Operation Primary Challenge! We can do it, but it will take millions over the next two years STARTING TODAY. 


Operation Primary Challenge

Newly elected Congressman, David Brat, showed that the most powerful establishment candidates can be defeated in primaries. Brat, as you recall, defeated Eric Cantor, the second most powerful Republican in Washington. We can do this again if enough of you will help!

Operation Primary Challenge requires us to be on the ground finding excellent people to run against the establishment candidates, funding their campaigns, and getting them into position to win in next year's Republican primaries.


If you want to change Washington you have to donate now, we can only work with what you are willing to provide us. (If you prefer to donate using PayPal, GO HERE)



  • Win back the White House 
  • Elect more conservatives to the House and Senate
  • Help find primary challengers to defeat the weak and ineffective establishment Republican leadership in the House!

Boehner and the establishment are--right now--guaranteeing these guys financial backing for sticking with him.  Are you prepared to back us to defeat them in the primary?


Now is the time to turn this around on Boehner!


Are you going to be with US? Or the Establishment?




Scott Wheeler

GOP Trust Executive Director


Scott Wheeler has written many times of how during the Clinton Administration senior government officials were saying that the Clintons were committing TREASON--now you can see many of those government officials, on camera, revealing the startling details of the Clinton connection with Communist China.

For your donation of $30 or more, you will get two documentaries ("Trading with the Enemy" and "Desert Stormtroopers") that reveal the Democrats' and the Clintons' role in aiding Communist China.  We interviewed the players involved. We went directly to the source, the communist Chinese. If we have Hillary in the White House they will surely finish us off. And right now Communist China is increasing its military with technology that the Clintons handed over to them in exchange for illegal campaign donations and cash payments to them.  AND AS A BONUS WE WILL ALSO SEND SCOTT'S LATEST BOOK Promoting Decline: Obama vs. America.
If you can donate $30 or more right now, we will send to you three of the most important publications of this election cycle: the book, Promoting Decline: Obama vs. America, plus the documentaries "Trading with the Enemy: How the Clinton Administration Armed China", and "Desert Storm Troopers"--China's raid on our strategic minerals.  
Go Here to Get This Special Trio Offer!  Makes a great gift to enlighten your favorite liberal!

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