Book 5 for $500 Special, Now through Feb. 28!!!
New bookings only, previous bookings may not be included in the 5. These are for 10x10 indoor booths (when applicable)

Outdoor Booth Special for Grandview Spring HodgePodge Market, March 18-19 and Burleson Spring HodgePodge Market, April 9-10:
10x10 outdoor space (includes no table, canopy, chairs, etc.) is $50, now through Feb. 28!!!

 To sign up, please email the list of 5 desired events or outdoor event(s) to  If you've not signed up for other events with us before, please email with:
-Business name
-Contact name
-Cell phone
-Mailing address
-Product Description/2 Photos
-Texas Sales Tax #, if applicable
-List of desired events
-Specify booth choice, if applicable (indoor, outdoor, upstairs, etc.)

Foodie Markets Are Proving Popular!!!
Our Burleson Foodie & Fun Market yesterday was awesome!!! Given the awful weather, we feel very blessed to have had so many attendees and their feedback was beyond encouraging.  We've had some great comments posted on Facebook and a number of folks signed up to be on our email notification list, all very encouraging signs!!!  We are now booking our May, June, August and Nov. Burleson Foodie & Fun Markets!!!

May 6, 2017, Burleson Foodie Market, Burleson Event Center. Indoor booths, 8x8 w/6ft table and two chairs, $125, 8x8 corner, $150, 10x10 is $175, 10x10 corner is $200. 10x20 indoor stage, non-food only, $225. Outdoor 10x20 covered entry, $200. Food truck space, $100. Outdoor booth, 10x10 (includes no table/chairs), $75; produce outdoor 10x10 booth (must be selling fresh produce, eggs, local honey or meat), $35 (must bring your own canopy, tables, chairs, etc.).

To sign up online, please email with:
Business Name:
Cell phone:
Mailing Address:
Product Description/2 Photos:
Texas Sales Tax #, if applicable:
List of desired events:                                  
Indoor or Outdoor booth (when applicable)
Last event attended: