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Issue: 15
April 16, 2012

It's time again for our annual anniversary sale!  From now through June 1st
you can save up to 20% on all our training courses as we celebrate our
7th anniversary! 


You can still save 15% through the 24th. 


Anniversary sale discount schedule:  

April 30th - May 11th: 20% - 

May 12th - May 24th: 15%

May 25th - June 1st:  10%


Simply enter the code 'anniversary' when you checkout through our website
or write in the code on the registration form if you fax or email the form.  Discounts
already applied in this email. 


Coming Soon!  GIS Careers and Concepts Membership Website
As Justin Holman recently penned in his article "How to Launch a GIS Career", when it comes to developing your career in GIS "No one is going to give you a chance.  You have to make it happen."  This is true in any industry and GIS is no exception.  New graduates and early career professionals need to hear this kind of advice.  But it's not enough to simply tell people to suck it up or move on.  In addition to the 'get up and go' attitude these aspiring GIS professionals also need the resources to help them succeed.   

In September we will launch our new GIS Careers and Concepts Membership Website designed to provide these resources. This will be an online enrollment based GIS community that caters to those interested in pusuing GIS as a career such as the student/career change/early career person as well as existing GIS professionals. Academia is not necessarily going to provide GIS education and career guidance. This online community will do just that by providing a plethora of topics geared to assist and direct people on a rewarding career in GIS.

The topics included in our new membership website will include:
  • Introductory training materialsTraining opportunities and courses
  • University program listings
  • Suggested individual GIS career path information 
  • Job listings and internship opportunities
  • Resume assistance
  • Interviews with industry professionals to describe their current position and how they achieved their career goals
  • Relevant GIS articles
  • GIS blog posts
  • Discussion boards
  • Books and other materials
  • Q/A sessions with current GIS professionals 

More information on this new membership website will be provided in the coming weeks and months.



Creating Add-Ins with Python at ArcGIS 10.1 

Add-ins provide an easy way to distribute user interface customizations to end users.   No installation programs are necessary.  A single compressed file with a file extension of .esriaddin is
copied to a 
well-known folder and ArcGIS Desktop handles the rest.  To simplify development even
further an  
Add-In Wizard has been provided by ESRI.  You can [...]...� 




Save the Pig Subscriptions Now Include:

ArcGIS Server Flex  and Silverlight Classes 
Our Save the Pig Subscriptions (Silver and Gold) now include our
Programming the ArcGIS Server API for Flex
and Programming ArcGIS Server with Silverlight courses.


The challenging economic climate that we are currently experiencing has prompted many organizations
to cut training and travel budgets. However, you and other members of your organization still need
to acquire the skills necessary to perform at a high level and implement various initiatives. In short,
you need more "financially friendly" training options.   

With our Save the Pig subscription service you can get one year of access to all our self-paced courses


Save the Pig Gold: Anniversary Sale $380 (was $450)
Buy Now 


Save the Pig Silver: Anniversary Sale $315 (was $375)
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New ArcGIS Server Sessions   


Want to learn more about developing web and mobile ArcGIS Server applications
with JavaScript?  Download our free resources below and then take advantage of our early
registration period to save on instructor guided, online classes. 


A free lecture and exercise from our Building Mobile ArcGIS Server Applications course can
be downloaded from our blog.


Free chapters from our GIS Geeks guide to Mastering the ArcGIS Server API for JavaScript e-book. 


Save on the registration price of each of these courses during our early registration period. 
Reserve your seat now because the last sessions of each of these courses sold out quickly. 


Building Mobile ArcGIS Server Applications
May 21st - June 22nd
Anniversary Sale $605 (was $715)
Free Lecture and Exercise
Buy Now


Building Custom ArcGIS Server Applications with JavaScript 
June 1st - June 30th
Anniversary Sale $605 (was $715)
Free E-Book: GIS Geeks Guide to Programming the ArcGIS Server API for JavaScript
Buy Now


ArcGIS Server Bootcamp (summer session longer to accommodate vacations)
June 1st - August 31st 

Anniversary Sale $605 (was $715)
Buy Now 


GIS Programming 201 for ArcGIS 10.1 Released! 
with ArcGIS 10.1 materials   



GIS Programming 201 for ArcGIS 10.1
Anniversary Sale $109.00 (was $129.00)

Buy Now 


GIS Programming 101 + 201
ArcGIS Programming with Python Bundle  
Anniversary Sale $185.00 (was $219.00) 
Buy Now 



2012 Schedule of Classes (April - July)  

Register Early to Save!   


Building Mobile ArcGIS Server Applications
Web Based
May 21st - June 22nd
Anniversary Sale $605.00 (was $715)

Buy Now 


Building Custom ArcGIS Server Applications with JavaScript   

Web Based
June 1st - June 30th

Anniversary Sale $605.00 (was $715)

 Buy Now


ArcGIS Server Bootcamp       

Web Based

June 1st - August 31st

Anniversary Sale $605 (was $715)
Buy Now 


Open Source GIS Bootcamp

Web Based

June 13th - July 18th 

Anniversary Sale $480 (was $567)
Buy Now 


ArcGIS Desktop 1: Getting Started with GIS 

Metro Atlanta

June 5th - 6th

Buy Now


GeoSpatial Training Services provides customized e-learning and instructor led GIS training and communication solutions that assist our clients in achieving excellence in the geotechnology industry.




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